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Family Giving

“Some may believe that leaders are born but everyday in Girl Scouts, leaders are developed. Girl Scouting needs our support to help make Girl Scouting possible for our daughters and girls in the community.” -- Mary Riordan, a Girl Scout volunteer and parent

Your Gift Touches Lives
Please join us all in supporting our amazing girls. Your gift will touch many lives throughout the council, including the girl you love the most.

You want to do all you can do to help your girl discover who she can be and what she can do, wherever she chooses to put her energy. Girl Scouting provides her with numerous opportunities to build self confidence and gain the skills she needs to lead, wherever she chooses. The Girl Scout Promise and Law help reinforce core values of honesty, fairness, and guide her to use her strengths and talents to make the world a better place.

Your family gift to GSWISE is a way for you to invest in girls’ futures by providing the financial resecources to ensure:
  • Innovative cutting-edge events and activities are available to help every girl “try on” different leadership roles and further explore the ones that fit her best.
  • Volunteers in your area receive the training and support they need to guide your girl and others through their leadership journeys this year.
  • Girls are able to take their leadership journey in safe and clean spaces including regional program sites and six camp properties.
  • Nearly 30,000 girls in Southeastern Wisconsin have access to the life-changing experiences Girl Scouting provides, regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.
It costs $244 to provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to one girl for one year.
Your support is vital to making sure every girl in our community has opportunities to gain the confidence and skills she needs to lead.

Please give generously.Your gift can be made in the following ways:
  • By indicating the amount of your gift  when re-registering yourself or your daughter through our on-line registration system. Simply click on “make a contribution” on the left of the screen that appears after you have completed the registration process.
  • If you are registering for the first time, complete the contribution section on the bottom of the registration form.
  • Or you can make an online donation today