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Animal Trainer

Read, complete, and bring the following to Camp Check-In: Oceans of Fun at the Milwaukee County Zoo
In order to get more hands-on IN the water time with the sea animals, half of our group will get their private training session on one day, while the other half will go on another  day. At the Milwaukee County Zoo each group will experience 90-minutes of interaction and behind the scenes fun with a sea lion or other flippered animal. We will also tour the entire zoo that day including the Seal and Sea Lion show.
The Oceans of Fun small group private party includes:
-Educational time learning about seals, sea lions, adaptation, and training
-A behind-the-scenes tour of facility and fish preparation area
-Interactive time with the seals and sea lions giving hand signals and vocal cues
-Feeding time with the seals and sea lions

Racine County Zoo
Learn how the animal care specialists train the animals at the zoo. The zoo will have live animals and animal artifacts for your one hour, hands-on session. After our private session we will tour the rest of the Racine County Zoo.

We will use a chartered school bus or a trained and qualified staff member may drive a 12 passenger van for transportation to the Zoos.

Spending Money
You may want to bring extra money besides what you set aside for the Trading Post's camp souvenirs to purchase souvenirs from the other places we visit. This is not mandatory, only suggested by past campers.

If you need additional information, contact the Seasonal Camp Director, Kim “Storm” Wood at kwood@gswise.org or 414-443-3997.