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Beach and Trail

To properly prepare for our group, the Team Leadership Center must receive their waiver and health form early. Read, Sign, and Send to Camp (P.O. Box 950, East Troy, WI 53120) Before July 1:
Suggested Clothing
It is important to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing (sweatpants, shorts, T-shirts) for your adventurous days. Since our days will be spent having fun outdoors, make sure to bring clothes for any type of weather. Bring rain gear!

Specific Items for kayaking: :
  • Closed-toed shoes like an athletic shoe
  • Jacket
  • Sunglasses with a strap
  • Water bottle
  • Swimsuit
  • Water shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat with visor or brim
  • Towel
  • Waterproof camera (optional)
We will be hosted by the Team Leadership Center out of Sturgeon Bay, WI. They will provide all the equipment and instruction for the sea kayaks and meet us at Pottawatomie State Park. Experience is not needed but interest and full hearted tries are required. The weather and water conditions will determine where we kayak (i.e. Lake Michigan - first choice and Plan B, bayside, or an inland lake.)

We will rent bikes from a local shop in Door County to spend a portion of a day biking on a path or trail. Camp will provide the bike helmets unless you prefer to bring your own. All campers and staff must wear bike helmets when riding.

You will ride in a 12 or 15 passenger van, driven by one of our trained and qualified staff members. Remember that the van needs to hold twelve people, luggage, plus some of the community belongings and food so make sure to pack light!

Spending Money
You may want to bring extra money besides what you set aside for Camp Alice Chester Trading Post souvenirs. While you are away from camp you may want to purchase souvenirs, ice cream, or other snack items. This is not mandatory, only suggested by past adventure campers.

If you need additional information, contact the Seasonal Camp Director, Kim “Storm" Wood at kwood@gswise.org or 414-443-3997