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Boundary Waters Bound

IMPORTANT! For this trip, the outfitter requires you have a health exam by a medical professional within the last 24 months. 

To properly prepare for our group and to meet Boundary Waters entry guidelines all forms must be turned in one month prior to our departure.  Read, Sign, and Send all forms  to Camp
(P.O. Box 950, East Troy, WI 53120) Before June 1:

Get Ready for the Challenge
Make sure to do some pre-trip conditioning so that you will be fit for the adventure. Be able to walk a mile, lift and carry 20-30 pounds, and have the confidence to try new things – like living without electricity and running water.

Canoe Base
We will be working with the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines Canoe Base near Ely, MN. Their guides will provide equipment, food, and a Girl Scout guide.

Items to Pack
For more information on packing see the Packing List provided by Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines. 

Backpack (small school pack) This will be the your day bag for your trip. Things that you want accessible to you all day while in the van.

Mess kit Bring one that is small and packable. It should contain at least a bowl and spoon. Many kits come with an extra bowl or plate, cup, and utensils.

Water bottles (2). This is extremely important since you will be drinking lots of water throughout your trip.

Your toiletries To save on space use small samples or motel bottles of shampoo and toothpaste.

Fun stuff If you have small fun stuff to do for the van ride, bring it. Cards, book of questions, riddles, whatever you can think of and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Pack only necessities and items that can do double duty (light jacket that is also a rain jacket). There is a limited amount of space for luggage.    

Camp will provide the following equipment and supplies
Tents, cook kits, food, backpack stove, first aid kit, firebuilding supplies, maps and anything else that the group as a whole may require.

Spending Money
You may want to bring extra money besides what you set aside for Camp Alice Chester Trading Post souvenirs. While you are away from camp you may want to purchase souvenirs, ice cream, or other snack items. This is not mandatory, only suggested by past adventure campers.

You will ride in a camp van that holds 12 passengers driven by one of our trained and qualified staff members. Remember that the van needs to hold twelve people, luggage, plus some of the community belongings and food so make sure to pack light!

Tentative Schedule
Day 1 - Check In and settle for your week of adventure. Get a paddle refresher and prepare for your departure.
Day 2 - Make a menu for your travel days. Your food will be taken care of by the outfitter when in the Boundary Waters.
Day 3 – Continue traveling across Wisconsin.
Days 4-9 - Arrive in Ely, MN at the International Wolf Center to meet the canoe guides. Take part in an evening training and orientation to packing, safety, and our trip route. Paddle during the day, sit by the campfire as the sun sets, listen to the sounds of nature, bond with new friends. This is truly your time to be you.
Day 10 - The adventure continues en route back to camp.
Day 11 - Return to Camp Alice Chester for the last day of camp fun.

Emergencie Services
All camp staff are trained in first aid and CPR and will have cell phones with them in case of an emergency. Once the group has met with the outfitter and they will also have certified Wilderness First Responder with the group.

If you need additional information, contact the Seasonal Camp Director, Kim "Storm" Wood at kwood@gswise.org or 414-443-3997.