High Ropes Waiver
Check back before camp for the specific high ropes course we will be attending and the waiver needed. 

We will use a chartered school bus or a trained and qualified staff member may drive a 12 passenger van for transportation to the ropes course.

Girls wishing to return to camp after this session as a volunteer:   
As a volunteer you will be assisting in units or program areas and will not be a camper. This means you may not get to participate in all activities depending on what your unit is doing and where you are needed.   This is an opportunity to continue to build your skills.  While in the unit or program area the counselors/specialists will be there to mentor you and give advice and feedback on how you are doing.  You may volunteeer for one week during sessions 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9.  We will be taking two volunteers for each week.  Because sessions may be full you  most likely will be sleeping in an Eureka tent with another CIT 2. Like our other camps with CITs, we will be charging  a fee ($15/night) to cover the cost of meals, etc.   If you choose to sign up for this program you need to sign up for an entire session not just a day here or there. 
As a CIT volunteer, we will expect:
  • You to be responsible- this means you need to go to the activities with your unit as scheduled or help as needed. You cannot hold up a unit or activity because you are late.  
  • You to be respectful- you need to listen and take direction from all staff, they are there to assist you. 
  • You to be open to learning and continuing your growth.
  • You to be here to assist the girls as you build your skills, so your focus needs to be on the girls.
  • You to sign a code of conduct/agreement- we will send this to you prior to your return to camp. . 
If at any point in time we feel you are not living up to the expectations of being a volunteer, we will contact your parents to come pick you up.

If you wish to sign up right away you can but you may also want to wait until after your CIT 2 session to be sure this is something you want to pursue.  

If you need additional information, contact the Seasonal Camp Director, Kim "Storm" Wood at or 414-443-3997.