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Camp Climb Kayak

Read, complete, and bring the following to Camp Check-In: Climbing Information
We will be climbing during one of the evenings and then sleeping overnight at Adventure Rock Climbing Gym in Pewaukee, WI. Make sure to wear a shirt that can be tucked in and either long shorts that come to your mid-thigh or sweatpants. This will help with comfort levels when you are in the climbing harness which fits around each upper leg and your waist.

Kayaking Information
When we go to Camp Silverbrook for our overnight, we will kayak on their lake. Camp will provide PFDs (lifejackets) which are required for everyone to wear.

Bring an Overnight Bag
Make sure to bring an overnight bag like a school backpack for your one night camping trip away from your unit.

We will ride in a chartered school bus to get to Adventure Rock in Pewaukee, WI and Camp Silverbrook in West Bend, WI.

If you need additional information, contact the Camp Director, Kat "Fée" Weyland at kwelyand@gswise.org or 414-443-3997.