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Yacht Sailing

We are waiting for updated waivers from the outfitter.  Check back before your session for any waivers needed. 

Get Ready for the Challenge

Make sure that you do some prepping, so that you will be fit for the adventure. Be able to walk a mile, lift and carry 20-30 pounds, and have the confidence to try new things like living without electricity and running water.

Expectations from the Captain
  • This is a hands-on learning experience, not a sailing vacation. While we will have fun, we will also be the crews of sailing yachts and there is work to be done.
  • The Apostle Islands, the boats, the Captain, staff, counselors, and fellow campers are to be treated with respect at all times.
  • Camp rules apply while you are on this trip. The captain is in charge and has the final say in all matters.
  • Behave yourselves while in Bayfield and on the city dock. You represent your camp, and many people are watching.
  • Your group is expected to clean the boat at the end of the trip.
What is a Watch?
The team will divide in half and form watch teams. While on watch you will learn to sail, steer, navigate and handle the boat. Watches generally last ½ -1 hour. Playing cards, playing games, reading, and relaxing are great things to do while you’re not on watch. The Captain’s job is to train, teach, answer questions, and keep you safe. If you want to get to the next great place in the Islands, it is up to you as a crew.

Specific Rules
  • Treat boats gently and with respect. Repairs are expensive and you are responsible for damage. Don’t touch switches, force doors, etc.
  • Sand is a major problem on boats. Once it gets on the boat or in the dinghy, it will end up in your sleeping bag and in your food. No shoes in the dinghy. Rinse feet/shoes before getting in dinghy or on boat.
  • No food in the sinks – they clog easily. Scrape food scraps into garbage before washing dishes.
  • When a bathroom or outhouse is available on shore, use it. Boat toilets fill up and are meant for use when out on the water.
  • PFDs are to be worn at all times except when down below in the cabin.
  • No cliff jumping.
  • Junk food will be tolerated in small quantities only. The Captain has the right to limit your junk food intake.
  • Along with junk food and the like, please keep cushions clean and free from food, candy, and dirt. Remember the cushions are also your beds to sleep on and treat them accordingly.
  • Cell phones are to be used by the Captain and Counselor for business and emergencies only. No video games/electronic entertainment allowed.
  • Dismissal is ultimately decided when boat is cleaned. No one will be able to leave unless the final OK is given.
You will ride in a camp van that holds 12 passengers driven by one of our trained and qualified staff members. Remember that the van has to hold twelve people, luggage, plus some of the community belongings and food so make sure to pack light!

Medical Care
Your counselors are first aid and CPR certified, so they will help with any minor medical needs.

If you need any additional information, contact the Camp Director, Kat "Fée" Weyland at kweyland@gswise.org or 414-443-3997.