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Summer Job Opportunities

2014 Summer job opportunities are now posted here.

Girl Scout Camp is more than a summer job
  • Girl Scout camp is an outdoor experience for girls in a small community atmosphere. It is designed to provide all girls with an enthusiastic, supportive opportunity to have fun, develop group skills, try new activities, and to feel good about themselves. 
  • We serve girls from a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds. We actively seek staff who have the highest respect for all people as individuals, who desire to spend time with children, who are committed to meeting each camper’s needs, and who are willing to put those needs above their own.
Why is Girl Scout camp unique?
  • The Girl Scout mission, Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place, is truly about empowering girls and women alike. Our camps are more than just real estate; they are awe-inspiring locations where staff can help girls grow in confidence.
  • We believe that one girl can make a difference and that girls together can change the world.
  • We help every girl discover who she can be and what she can do, wherever she chooses to put her energy.
Do I have to be a Girl Scout?
This is one of our most frequent questions. When you become a Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast employee, you need to become a registered Girl Scout member; however, you do NOT need to have been a Girl Scout when you were growing up. Girl Scout membership is $15 for the membership year.
What type of experience do I need?
A love for working with girls and in the outdoors is necessary. While having Girl Scout experience is a plus, it is not required. Overall, we are looking to hire people who desire to be role models for younger women, who are comfortable working outside all day and who have a great attitude that shines through on rainy days,even when your campers are homesick or you've sung the same camp song 50 times.
Is there training for camp staff?
Staff from Camp Silverbrook and Camp Alice Chester participate in a paid, comprehensive 7 to 10-day training that covers everything staff members will need to know, including program development and delivery, Girl Scout ways, safety, supervising campers, camp operations, and more. Staff for Volunteer-Led Day Camp and Camp iGirl participate in a comprehensive, paid 1 to 3-day training.
What’s the difference between Day Camp and Resident Camp?
  • Day Camp: Campers are in camp for just the day and sometimes an overnight. Troops come for the day and overnight. Staff who live on camp property have evening responsibilities with campers and troops.
  • Resident Camp: Campers sleep overnight all week. All staff live on camp property with nighttime responsibilities.
Where do I sleep?
  • Camp Alice Chester: Staff rotate between A-Frame cabins, platform tents, and buildings.
  • CampSilverbrook: Staff live in cabins or commute to camp daily.
  • Camp iGirl: Staff stay in an Alverno College residence hall.
  • Volunteer-Led Day Camps: Staff commute.
What’s on the menu?
Camp Alice Chester and Camp iGirl: Our professional food service is awesome. We eat family style with campers in our big dining hall. The cooks prepare a hot breakfast each morning. Cold cereal, toast, and coffee are always an option. Lunch and dinner are always accompanied by an open salad bar. The food service staff can work with special dietary needs.
CampSilverbrook: For staff who live at camp, breakfast typically consists of hot meals, cereal or fruit smoothie drinks. Staff make their own lunches. Fruit, veggie, salad and sandwich supplies are made available. Dinner is a well balanced meal featuring fruit, veggies, a hot dish and a dessert. The cooks are always open to meal suggestions from staff and can work with special dietary needs. Staff who commute bring their lunch.
Volunteer-Led Day Camps: Staff bring their lunch.
Will I have internet access?
Yes, camps have shared computers with free internet access that is available during off-time.
How do I get paid?
Staff are paid by direct deposit bi-weekly. The weekly rate is based on a six-day work week.
What type of off-time will I have?
Camp Alice Chester: You will receive a minimum of 24 continuous hours off per week. Usually, it is 40 continuous hours from Friday 6:00 p.m. to Sunday noon. Each day you get 2 hours off.
Camp Silverbrook: You will receive a minimum of 24 continuous hours off per week, usually Saturday or Sunday. Each day staff who live at camp get 2 hours off. Time off may vary between positions.
Volunteer-Led Day Camps: average work day is 6-10 hours, five to six days a week.
What are the perks?
Perks depend on your location. Some staff members receive  training and certification in CPR and First Aid at no cost. Additional benefits include: room and board, a staff T-shirt, free laundry, use of camp equipment including canoes and kayaks, a great addition to your resume, and healthy outdoor living. As a staff member you will…
  • Be in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  • Challenge yourself, grow, and learn new skills.
  • Be a role model and make a difference in the lives of girls.
  • Meet people from all over the world.
  • Set goals and work as part of a dedicated team to solve problems.
  • Create lasting memories and friendships.
  • Develop leadership skills to last a lifetime.
  • Gain experience and references for your future.
How do I share my special skills and talents?
If you speak a different language, know a type of dance, play an instrument, play a sport, identify trees at a glance, know survival skills, or are most at home in a theatre, we want you to share it! Our camps offer activity sessions that allow staff to share their passions with girls. Last summer, we had staff teach Spanish, henna painting, archeology, tai chi, scrapbooking, and dance aerobics just to name a few.
Who will I be working with?
Camp strives to create environments that are For All Girls. Overall, about 25% of our staff are from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Camps also hire staff from around the world to bring different perspectives and cultures to enrich the summer. In the past, we have hosted staff from England, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, Holland, Venezuela, and Mexico.
Individuals who come to work at camp come to learn more about working hands-on with children, or develop their teaching skills. While previous Girl Scout experience is handy, it is not necessary. Individuals are hired for specific skills and their ability to be a role model for the girls.
Is insurance available?
All camp staff are covered by sickness and accident insurance in addition to Worker’s Compensation while they are working at camp or working off-site.
What if I am a citizen of another country?
We require that you have a permit to work in the United States before applying to work at our camps. We accept international applicants only through the international hiring agencies, including Camp Leaders (www.campleaders.com) and Camp America (www.aifs.com). Please contact them for more information.
Who do I contact for more information?
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.
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Katrina Weyland
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Crystal Polak
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Volunteer-Led Day Camps
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