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Volunteer-Led Day Camps

Day Camp Rocks
Summer 2015
For Girls Entering Grades 1-12

Be a part of Girl Scout Day Camp to experience all the fun, friendships, new skills, and lifetime memories.
The Importance of Volunteer-led Day Camp
  • Volunteer-led day camps are community-based adventures led by talented volunteers who have organized a camp experience for Girl Scouts and the community.
  • Each day camp has their own unique activities and traditions. Every camp provides leadership opportunities for older girls and outdoor skill building for younger girls.
  • Girls come year after year while they build on their skills from the summer before. Progression is built in all programming from kindergarten through high school.
  • Day camps rely on adult volunteers in all aspects of camp. Without you, these camps are unable to serve girls in the community.
  • All camps are supported by council staff and meet or exceed state and national standards for programming, health and safety, budgeting, and more.
Volunteers tell us that their favorite part about being at camp is spending time with their camper, getting to know her friends, and seeing her build new skills and have fun.  
How do I get updates all year?
Make sure you are a current Girl Scout so you get the day camp book  and any emails about camp. Everybody in K5 through adults can become Girl Scout members. The new membership year starts October 1, 2014. Register as a Girl Scout.

Questions about Girl Scout Day Camp?
Contact Andrea Yanacheck
Camp Pathway Senior Manager

Benefits of Day Camp

For Teens For Adults For Troop Leaders
-Lead a team of younger girls
-Make new friends
-Get outdoors
-Develop leadership skills
-Watch your camper have fun and try new things
-See the power of volunteering
-Make new friends
-Socialize with other parents
-All the same reasons as above plus...
-Connect with the adults in your troop for help and ideas in the future.
-See what gets your girls excited so they can help you plan for the school year.
-Enjoy all the teambuilding they do so next year is even better.
-Enjoy all the songs they learn so they can entertain the group.
-Enjoy all the games they will learn so they can lead other girls
  • 9 out of 10 parents of campers would recommend our summer camps.
  • 9 out of 10 girls made new friends at camp last summer.
  • 9 out of 10 girls want to come back next summer.
  • 9 out of 10 teens felt camp prepared them to be a leader.



Camp is more than just fun!

  • 89% of campers learn skills or lessons that they can use in other places like at home, with friends, or at school
  • 62% of parents/guardians report that their Girl Scout came home more independent and with more self-confidence