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Camp Sneak Peeks

Many day camps offer their own specialized camp sneak peek in the community for parents/guardians and girls in K5 through 3rd grade to get a taste of camp with time to ask questions.

Camp Open House

There is an Open House at Camp Winding River for troops and/or families. It is free but please register by May 1.
Sunday, May 17, 1:00-3:00 p.m., Camp Winding River, Neosho

Day Camp for Daisies and Brownies

Is she old enough?
Yes! Last summer over 1900 Daisies and Brownies attended day camp.
The schedule is created specifically for each grade's interests, needs, and abilities. Crafts and games fit their level so it keeps girls interested and keeps them learning new skills. It's all about progression! Each year they will learn something new and different.

What will she gain from day camp?
Girls learn more about nature and themselves through camp as they explore the outdoors in the fresh air.
  • 61% of volunteers saw girls making new friends.
  • 62% of parents said that in just five days of camp, they noticed their Girl Scout had more self-confidence and was more independent.
  • 89% of girls learned skills or lessons that they can use in other places like at home, with friends, or at school.
Why is day camp important?
Children make genuine connections with other girls and caring role models, rediscover the fun in being active, learn their own strengths, and find their own voices. They get a chance to unplug from the constant buzz of computers, video games, television, and phones at camp - this is where they find themselves.

Can adults go too?
Yes, adults are invited and wanted at camp! Sign up to spend a day or the whole week with her. Recruit other adult family members so they can experience the fun of camp too while bonding with their Girl Scout. Over 1600  adults volunteered at camp last summer. Be one of them!