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For Parents/Guardians

We are one of the largest Girl Scout Volunteer Led Day Camp systems in the country. Be a part of the tradition that enhances parent/girl relationships, thrives on girl leadership, and has skill progression at every level so girls develop new skills each summer.
Camp Director
Each camp is led by a volunteer who coordinates your week of day camp. They recruit adults, just like you, to help camp run smoothly. Contact the camp director to see how you can help.

Adult Volunteers
Camp is led completely by volunteers. Each camp depends on adults sharing their time to support girls and to meet adult ratios. All volunteers complete a background check for the safety of each camper. Contact the camp director to see how you can help if you can't be at camp. It will be worth a vacation day to see your camper in action.

Adults complete a Volunteer Application and Background Check. Follow the link to complete if you have not within the last three years. This is separate from the volunteer camp registration form. See the Day Camp Volunteer web page for more details.

Not able to Volunteer all week?
  • Volunteer for a couple days
  • Recruit an uncle, aunt, grandparent 
  • Help before camp with set-up
  • Help Friday evening with clean-up 
Teen Leadership
Teens get hands-on experience leading girls and activities all week long. They role model to younger girls that Girl Scouting is an important part of their lives as teenagers. See why teens enjoy being at day camp.

Health and Safety
Turn in this Authorization to Administer Medication form on the first day of camp with any medicines that need to be given. Each camp has a paid Health Supervisor who takes care of all medications and first aid needs. For camps with water activities there is a team of lifeguards who are on duty at all swimming and boating activities.

Packing List
Your confirmation will have a packing list but this will get you started.
What to Wear What to Bring Overnight, if applicable
-T-shirt with sleeves
-Sturdy/athletic shoes (no sandals)
-Hat to protect head and face from sun

-Backpack to carry things in
-Sweatshirt or jacket
-Mosquito repellent (non-aerosol)
-Dishes with dish bag (i.e. mess kit, unbreakable/reusable plate, bowl, cup, and utensils in a mesh bag for drying)
-Sit-upon (cushioned seat)
-Bag lunch (varies by camp and day)
-Swimsuit and towel (for camps with swimming)
-Plastic bag to carry wet swimsuit home
-Medicine with medication form, if applicable
-Sleeping bag
-Medicine with Medication form, if applicable
Leave at home: electronics, phone, clothes that can't get dirty

Picture taking is a great way for girls and you, to remember all of the fun of camp. Please respect the privacy of other families by not posting pictures of campers, other than your own, on websites or any social media channel (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) without first asking permission of the girls' parents/guardians.  The photo release you signed as part of the camp registration process gives GSWISE the council (not individuals) the approval to use photographs.

We are affordable for everyone by providing financial assistance, by depending on adult and teen volunteers, and by making it easy for girls to use their Program Activity Credits (PACs) to pay for camp.

Girls Said
"I learned that I don't have to know everyone in my unit before I get there. I will make lots of new friends." -Camper
"At camp I felt at home." -Camper
"I learned that I like apples roasted over a fire, I like cooking things that aren't boring (like macaroni), and I learned that I'm not afraid to try new things." -Camper

Give your Girl Scout an amazing summer!