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For Parents

Click the topic below to learn more about Day Camp by Community. Questions? Contact your camp director  or contact Camp Pathway Senior Manager Andrea Yanacheck at ayanacheck@gswise.org or 414-443-3916.

To keep our costs low and our quality high, we need adults like you or your camper's aunts, uncles, grandparents to take a day or more to volunteer. See more in the volunteer section below or to the left hand column.

  • Is my Daisy or Brownie old enough for camp?
    Yes! Last summer nearly 2,000 Daisies and Brownies attended day camp. Camp is all about the progression of skills, so each grade's interests, needs and abilities are met. Girls learn something new each year.
  • Role of Parents / Guardians
    Each day, camp is led by adults and teens coming together to provide a safe and fun experience for your camper! The campers rely on you to share your time to help them, and to meet adult ratios! Plus, seeing your camper in action is priceless. Check out how you can help.
    Not able to volunteer all week? No problem! Other ways to get involved:
    • Volunteer for a couple days
    • Recruit an uncle, aunt, grandparent 
    • Help before camp with set-up
    • Help Friday evening with clean-up
  • Camp Director
    Each day, camp is led by a volunteer who coordinates your community’s week of camp. They bring together adults, just like you, to help camp run smoothly. Meet your camp’s director here. 
  • Health and Safety
    Your camper's health and safety is our first priority. Turn in the Authorization to Administer Medication form on the first day of camp with any medicines that need to be given. Each camp has a paid Health Supervisor that takes care of all medications and first aid needs. For camps with water activities, there is a team of lifeguards on duty during all swimming and boating activities.
  • Packing List
    Your confirmation will have a detailed packing list, but here are some of the essentials:
    • What to wear: T-shirt with sleeves, sturdy/athletic shoes (no sandals), socks, hat to protect from sun
    • What to bring: Backpack, raincoat, sweatshirt or jacket, mosquito repellant (non-aerosol), sunscreen, bandana, dishes with dish bag (i.e. mess kit, unbreakable/reusable plate, bowl, cup and utensils in a mesh bag for drying), sit-upon (cushioned seat); bag lunch; swimsuit and towel; plastic bag for wet swimsuit; medicine with medication form, if applicable
    • Overnight (if applicable): Pillow, sleeping bag, pajamas, flashlight, medicine with medication form, if applicable
    • What to leave at home: Electronics, phone, clothes that can't get dirty 
  • Photos
    Taking photos is a great way to relive camp memories! Please respect the privacy of other families by only posting pictures of your campers on websites or social media channels (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) after first asking permission from the girls' parents/guardians. The photo release you signed as part of the camp registration process gives GSWISE (not individuals) approval to use photographs.
  • Volunteering
    Over 1,600 adults volunteered at camp last summer. Be one of them!
    Adult Volunteers – vital to our success
    Volunteer led day camp cannot happen without adults like you! Volunteering one, two or more days gives you the unique opportunity to spend time with your camper while ensuring that we meet our safety standards. If you cannot volunteer during the week of camp, please offer to help with pre-camp preparation or camp set-up or take-down. In most troops, parents share the adult volunteer responsibilities.
    Day camp through Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast is part of one of the largest Girl Scout Day Camp systems in the country led by volunteers and teens. As a volunteer, you'll inspire leadership in girls while they progress through a variety of outdoors skills each summer. Learn more at the volunteers page.
  • Weather
    Your camper’s safety is our number one priority. We encourage girls daily to drink lots of water and we provide cooling-off activities and stations during our warmer weeks. Although we do continue camp during the rain (don’t forget your poncho!), we move indoors for thunder. We make every effort to present activities as described in all kinds of weather. However, we may need to make changes to protect the health and safety of our campers and volunteers.

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