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Troop Leader Guide to Day Camp

What is the Troop Leader's role to get girls to camp?
1. Encourage your girls and their families to go to day camp.
2. Let them know how important camp is to girls and adults.
3. Recruit a volunteer from the troop to be the Camp Captain or designate yourself.

What does the Camp Captain (Camp Coordinator) do?
In Winter, tell your troop's families:
1. When day camp is for next summer.
2. To wait for camp books mailed to each house in January.
3. To register girls early to receive the 20% discount.
4. To register adults for 1-5 days of volunteering as a camp chaperone.

In Spring, double check with your troop's families:
1. Who is registered.
2. What days volunteers are going.
3. That your troop has enough volunteers to meet safety ratios which is:
   - 1 adult to every 5 Daisies, 6 Brownies, 8 Juniors, 10 Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors.
   - With a minimum of 2 adults per day.
4. Connect with your camp director, if you have any questions or concerns.

In Summer, have fun!

What if I have a hard time recruiting volunteers but all the girls want to go?
Remind families that it can be a parent/guardian, aunt, uncle, grandparent, adult cousin, neighbor, etc. Remind them of why they will enjoy it. Give families specific days that the girls need extra support.

For adults who are nervous about:
1. ...never being to camp before. Tell them there are amazing teens called Program Aides (PAs) and Counselors in Training (CITs) that are there to help.
2. ...being outside. Tell them that fresh air is important and they will feel so good spending time with their camper.
3. ...taking a day off of work. Tell them to recruit another family member or neighbor who is retired or who can take a day or more off of work.
4. ...doing something new and different. Tell them it's fun to see their Girl Scout in action, refreshing to socialize with new adults, and inspiring to see what our community does.

Use the Day Camp Troop Summary form to help you track campers and volunteers.
Your day camp directors are volunteers too and ready to help you.