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Meet the Camp Directors

Each day camp is led by volunteers who work with other volunteers and teens throughout the year to plan a week of day camp for the community. Learn more about these volunteers below.

Andrea “Velma” Yanacheck
Camp Pathway Senior Manager, GSWISE staff member
My current role is supporting and cheerleading the volunteers who direct day camps for their communities. It’s inspiring to see them help girls reach their leadership potential and adults to provide the outdoor experience. Watching teen campers grow each summer leading and teaching younger girls reminds me that those teens are the ones making positive change in the world! Summer 2016 will be my nineteenth  summer working at Girl Scout camp. I started attending day camp in my community as a Girl Scout Brownie and my aunt was our unit leader. I earned my Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees, which have given me a strong foundation in outdoor programming, training and child development.

Alpha Moraine Day Camp

The Crazy 8's, Director team

Callie "Frito" Bares, Camp Co-Director

School: Marketing/ UW-Oshkosh
My Camp start: 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I'm a runner
Favorite part of camp: Getting to know the girls in my unit!

Kelly "Peanut" Riordan, Camp Co-Director
School: Clarinet Performance/ UW Milwaukee
My camp start: 1st grade Girl Scout Daisy
Fun fact: I sat on the Board of Directors for GSWISE for two years.
Favorite part of camp: Canoeing tip tests!

Natalie "Dipsie" Aicher, Camp Co-Director
School: Political Science/Legal Studies/ UW Madison
My camp start: 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I am the oldest of five girls who all are PAs.
Favorite part of camp: Meeting new girls every year and making new friends.

Shannon "Dirty Dan" Lecher, Camp Co-Director
School: Graphic Design / UW-Stevens Point
My camp start: 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I love cats.
Favorite part of camp: Making friends and having fun with my unit.

Erin "Pebbles" Dreist, Camp Co-Director
School: Nursing School/ WCTC
My camp start: 1st grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I love fuzzy pajama pants and socks.
Favorite part of camp: Seeing my friends and meeting all new people.

Juliena "Batgirl" Herritz, Camp Co-Director
School: Elementary Education/Political Science/ Marquette University
My camp start: My first year I was PA, but I went to a different camp since 3rd grade Brownies.
Fun fact: I am going to live in Africa for 5 months.
Favorite part of camp: Spending time with some amazing girls and women of all ages!

Breanne “Platypus” Thomas, Camp Co-Director
School: Math/ Concordia University
My camp start: 1st grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I play college soccer.
Favorite part of camp: Getting to know the girls a little more every year!

Kelsi “Chatterbox” Hessen, Camp Co-Director
School: Business/ WCTC
My camp start: 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie
Fun fact: I am a professional dancer.
Favorite part of camp: Seeing people of all ages truly relax for a week and enjoy the outdoors and everyone around them.

MaryBeth “Nanny” O’Neil, Camp Directors' Mentor

Career: Since 2008 I have been a Playground Supervisor and an After School Program Director for Brookfield Academy. Before that, I was a Montessori Assistant for over 20 years.
My camp start: Many years ago when my oldest daughter wasn't old enough to be a Girl Scout, I volunteered with the Pee-wees with some overnight responsibilities. That is how I got my camp name 'Nanny'. I was a unit leader for a few years, then moved back to Pee-wees when my next two daughters started camp. I stayed there until I became the camp director in 2004.
Fun fact: I debated over choosing a new camp name when I took over as director. Then I decided everyone knew by that name, and I would now be everyone's Nanny.
Favorite part of camp: I am back to being a volunteer without any kids in camp, just as I started. My daughters now volunteer at camp with me and my granddaughter is a pee-wee waiting to be a Girl Scout.

Arrowhead Day Camp

Sue "Cherry" Borth, Camp Co-Director
I am a Medical Technologist (clinical laboratory scientist) for over 40 years in the area of chemistry and Safety Coordinator.
My camp start: I went to Girl Scout day camp as a girl in Milwaukee and Racine. I volunteered for years with both my daughters' troops at camp. I started as Co-Director in 1993 and have continued because I LOVE CAMP!
Fun fact: Both of my daughters grew up at camp each summer well into their twenties. My camp name has been Cherry since I was 10 years old. I had strawberry blonde hair but 'Strawberry' was too long so I picked my favorite fruit...cherries. I also love camping, gardening, quilting and my beagles.
Favorite part of camp: I love being director because I can make such a big difference in the lives of our local Girl Scouts. We have FUN! Guaranteed! We make a difference in the lives of so many girls, young adults, and adults.

Phil "Pudgie Pie" Jendusa, Camp Co-Director

Career: I'm a lead printing operator at Quad Graphics.
My camp start: My first year at camp was 2013 and was with a unit all week.
Fun fact: I've gone skydiving. That's pretty fun.
Favorite part of camp: That's hard to decide but I do love canoeing.

Laura “Beagle” Borth, Camp Co-Director
Career: Registered Dietitian. Currently I am in Munich, Germany doing an exchange program.
My camp start: I grew up going to Girl Scout camp starting at seven months old. I started as PA Coordinator in 2008, Assistant Director in 2009 and become the Co-Director with my mom in 2011. 
Fun fact: My camp name was ‘Cherry Baby’ (named after my mom, Cherry) until I was a PAIT then I picked my own name. My family has two Beagles, so I picked Beagle.
Favorite part of camp: My favorite thing about volunteering at camp is helping the PAs strengthen their leadership. What they accomplish at camp will help them in their life in the future!

Lena "Calla Lily" Jendusa, Volunteer, Camp Co-Director

Career: I am a server at an Italian restaurant.
My camp start: I started volunteering at camp in 2011.
Fun fact: I love baking.
My favorite part of camp: Seeing the girls always having fun and smiling.


Belles of the Lake Day Camp

Sharon "Pepsi" Roeschen, Camp Director
Career: I am an independent contractor for my own cleaning service.  I contract out to both Business and private houses.  
My camp start: I started volunteering for day camp when my daughter was 6 years old.  I began as a floater and when she was 16 years old I floated right into the Camp Director position. My daughter is now 26 and volunteers at camp every year as the Craft Director.  I was never a Girl Scout as a child so I really wanted my daughter to be a Girl Scout.
Fun fact: I am a Mystery (Secret) Shopper for stores and restaurants in Southeast Wisconsin. I can’t tell you which ones though!
Favorite part of camp: Watching the nervous girls on the first day of camp turn into the chatter boxes with big smiles and stories to tell by the last day of camp !  I love watching them try new experiences.

Deer Trails Day Camp

Nan “Carmen” Delwiche, Camp Director
Career: Operations Manager at Country Travel Discoveries. We are a tour company that provides motorcoach, cruise and rail travel in the North and Central Americas and Europe.
My camp start: After my first year at camp with my troop, I felt I would be able to add my ideas and skills to help. I joined the committee and one thing led to the other. In 2011 I became the camp director. 
Fun fact: I was given Carmen, my camp name, by our previous Day Camp Director based off the series "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego".  Since I am in the travel business! I have two daughters who both love camp and enjoy helping me plan. 
Favorite part of camp: The greatest pleasure I get from camp are seeing the smiles on the girls' faces and having them come up to me to thank me for all I do for them at camp. I get a kick out of wearing my previous camp t-shirts with all of their signatures on it. The girls can find their names quickly and it's great to have them attend camp year after year. 

Margaret "Dragonfly" Sutton, Assistant Camp Director
I was a preschool teacher until a few years ago. I take my Mom's home spun alpaca yarn to sell at the Brookfield Farmer's Market during the market season. I have always been committed to volunteering, 19 positions in all in my community.
My camp start: I started in 2008 with Nan as Assistant Director but had volunteered with all my daughters each summer.
Fun fact: I lead Gold and Silver Award trainings and mentor girls who are working on their Gold Awards.I have six daughters, four earned their Gold Awards. Cumulatively they have gone to camp or helped as volunteers 78 times.
Favorite part of camp: Camp is so much fun. I love the variety of opportunities girls have to relate to each other and nature, to explore and experience things they might otherwise not have the chance to be exposed to at home.

Friends Forward and Kinoje Girls West Day Camp

Crissy “Crusty” Busch, Camp Co-Director
Career: I have worked at LMI Packaging Solutions for 17 years. I am currently the art and pre-press assistant and will graduate from Herzing University as a Graphic Designer in December 2014.
My camp start: I have been in Girl Scouts since I have been old enough which is a total of 25 years.  Being a troop leader for both my daughters, I wanted them to get the full experience of Girl Scouts by attending day camp. After a few years, I agreed to co-run camp and I have been a director since 2007.  My daughter is entering her 2nd year in college and couldn’t imagine giving up coming to camp just like me.
Fun fact: I received my camp name “Crusty” when I was a Girl Scout Brownie at camp.  I couldn’t think of a name at all and all of the girls in my troop said I should be Crusty because I never ate the crust on my bread.  So all through the years I have been Crusty.
Favorite part of camp: My favorite part is seeing the girls who have been coming to camp for their whole lives and then become leaders.  I have always been known to shed a tear at camp because watching these girls come crying from Kindergarten and now running their own unit as a CIT is just AMAZING. Seeing all the girls grow from girls to leaders is breathtaking. I think everyone should experience this feeling.

Kate “Crabcakes” Sieg, Camp Co-Director

Career: I am an Instructional Technologist for the special education department for the Racine Unified School District. I provide professional development and  instructional resources for educators. I also assist students and their parents on ways to implement assistive technology to accommodate their reading, writing and communication needs per IEP goals.  
My camp start: As a young girl, I attended camp and enjoyed singing songs and meeting new friends.  When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, Crusty asked me to be a co-leader and years later I stepped up to lead day camp. I started co-directing day camp in 2011. I love Camp Pottawatomie Hills and could not imagine doing camp anywhere else!
Fun fact: Camp names are so fun to pick out.  And since Crusty and I work together we wanted something that fit so I picked Crabcakes.  And nooooo it isn’t because I’m crabby; it's because we become Crusty Crabcakes together.  Isn’t that fun?  Oh and I am an avid runner. I have run 14 marathons full marathons so far.
Favorite part of camp: My favorite part of camp is seeing the progression of the girls.  And of course driving the golf cart holding our famous “Spirit Stick” high in the air and hearing every single unit become Alive Awake Alert and Enthusiastic! There is nothing more fun, than to see all these girls want this spirit stick so much.

Glacier Hills Day Camp

Pam "Woodstock" Brandt, Camp Co-Director
Career: I am a full-time art teacher at Central Middle School in Hartford. This is my 30th year teaching. I share my connection with Girls Scouts at school as many of the girls who attend day camp become my students and then my PAs and CITs as well.
My camp start: I became a camp director in 2004. I had been a part of my daughter Elise’s day camp experience as a unit leader and then as the craft coordinator. I wanted to offer this great experience for girls. Some of my best memories as a Girl Scout happened at day camp.
Fun fact: I have three children who all grew up camping as a family and attending camps. The boys even attended Girl Scout day camp in the Boys unit as I volunteered for camp.
Favorite part of camp: My favorite thing about my volunteer position is seeing the happiness in the campers’ and volunteers’ faces. I really love working with the PAs and CITs and watching them grow into confident leaders. It especially makes me proud to know that my daughter is following in my footsteps and sharing her love of Girl Scouts as well!

Elise "Pieces" Brandt, Camp Co-Director

Career: I am a full time student at UW-Stevens Point and plan on graduating in May 2015. I am majoring in History and Broadfield Social Science with teaching intent.
My camp start: I became the Co-Camp Director in 2012 after years of helping my mom with the planning. I love camp too much to not go back.
Fun fact: I grew up at camp myself. I have been going to camp since I was a Daisy. I am completely obsessed with history.
Favorite part of camp: I remember how much fun I had at camp growing up, and I love that I am able to help plan and coordinate camp in order to give other younger girls a fun experience. 

Indian Springs Day Camp

Jean "Lilo" Miller, Camp Director
Career: I'm the administrative manager for Bliffert Lumber. I recently celebrated my 18th year there.
My camp start: I became director in 2007 but was a Girl Scout volunteer long before that. 
Fun fact: It seems it's always my birthday during camp week, and since I started as camp director I've never aged past 25!
Favorite part of camp: My favorite part of camp is watching our PAs and CITs grow into successful leaders year after year and knowing I had a part in giving them the responsibilty to prove to themselves they could do it. We have a motto: Leaders don't create followers; they create more leaders.

Lakeland Day Camp

Anne-Marie "Snoopy" Letourneau-Holtz, Camp Co-Director
 I own my own business and I work part time at Whelans Coffee & Ice Cream.
Camp Start:  I became a troop leader in 2002 as an opportunity to have something special for my daughter and I.  We went to camp every summer and after the last camp director retired I got the call to see if I would be interested in the job... the rest as they say, is history.   
Fun Fact:  I spent six years in the Marine Corps. (Semper Fi)
Favorite part of camp:  I love all things camp!  Watching the girls grow in confidence and skills is awesome!  (I dig the singing too!!!)

Lisa "Bird" Hammel, Camp Co-Director

Career: I work full time, have a husband and two children to fill my days.
My camp start: I started coming to camp ten years ago as a volunteer with my then second grade daughter.
Fun fact: I zip-lined through the jungle of Costa Rica with a troop of Girl Scouts.
Favorite part of camp: Seeing the smiling faces of all the girls and watching them grow up.

Northern Lights Day Camp

Sue "Thing 1" Wehber, Camp Co-Director wwwisc@cs.com
Sue "Thing 2" Schiller, Camp Co-Director susan@diameters-inc.com

Prairie Hill Day Camp

Lynnette "Lipstick" Mollet, Camp Co-Director
Career: I am a Patient Service Representative at Prohealthcare. My real love is being able to share in the activities of our three children and just be there for them.
My camp start: I started volunteering in 2005 when Jensen and Jadyn were Daisies. In 2006 our son made it three and the rest is history.  We have been coming to camp (even dad) all five days since then and I have been with our girls as unit leader and peewees and boys. My husband, Jim has been in charge of L.O.S.T. It is quite a family affair and we love it!
Fun fact: Not fun me for me but yet funny! A mouse had her babies in my sleeping bag! YUCK!
Favorite part of camp: Watching the girls grow each year as they take on more responsibilities. Of course our camp family...Great adult examples make great kids!!!!

Michelle "Sprinkle" Bedalov, Camp Co-Director

Career: I am the Athletic and Activities Secretary at Waukesha North High School but my real full-time job is taxi driving to swim, soccer and tennis games and practices!
My camp start: In 2005 when my daughter was a Girl Scout Daisy I went all week. I spent two days with her and three days with my 3-year-old Pee-wee son. All three of us have attended a full week every year. My husband joined us in 2008 as the full-time canoe leader.
Fun fact: We have celebrated our wedding anniversary at camp nearly every year since 2008!
Favorite part of camp: It's hard work, but my favorite memories are "camping" with the girls and adult volunteers. I've made so many lifelong friends at Camp Winding River. It's amazing to unplug and be surrounded by my wonderful camp family all week once a year. 

Rising Stars-Meadow Springs Day Camp

Mary "Miss Daisy" LaVaque, Camp Director
Career: I work full-time for a major dredging company as the Export Specialist. I am on call 24/7/365. My job is to ship items we need overseas to job sites in Bahrain, Qatar, Australia, and Brasil. I do get to travel for work which is exciting.
My camp start: I became the camp director in 2008 and had been volunteering at camp prior to that with my daughter who is now a CIT.
Fun fact: My daughter is working on her Gold Award. I also volunteer with my son’s troop as an Assistant Scout Leader and am the camp director for a Cub Scout camp in Illinois. 
Favorite part of camp: I come back every year to see campers grow into PAITs and then into PAs. They mature and become amazing leaders to the younger girls. I love seeing the girls have a great time at camp as they learn great leadership skills.  

River Valley/Enchanted Waters Day Camp

RV/EW Director Team, rvewgsdaycamp@gmail.com

Sally "Salamander" Roach, Camp Co-Director
Career: I am a director of a child care center where I also teach in the 3-5 year old classroom.
My camp start:  My first year at camp was as a 2 year old Pee-wee in Heron's Hideaway. I have attended camp ever since, and can't imagine NOT going to Girl Scout camp in the summer.
Fun fact: I am addicted to camp songs. Rarely is there one that I haven't heard, and when I do come upon it, I ask the person to sing it constantly until I learn it.  I even teach them to my kids at daycare!
Favorite part of camp: I have two favorite parts. First is seeing all the campers get off the bus on the first day. They are a little nervous but excited for all the fun and adventure to be had. Second is seeing those same girls at the end of the week confident with new skills and friendships that were made.

Jamie "BZ Bee" McIntosh, Camp Co-Director
Career: Outside of volunteering for Girl Scouts, I am a school bus driver in Pewaukee. My camp name is BZ Bee. I got this because I am very busy with Girl Scouts, work, family and having fun with crafts and reading.
My camp start: I really enjoyed coming to camp as a PA and again as an adult volunteer. When I had the opportunity to join my friend GloBugg as a Director, I jumped at the chance.
Fun fact: My daughter is in fourth grade and we have been going to camp together since she was a four-year old Peewee. Now my sons come too so my entire family does the full week of day camp each summer.
Favorite part of camp: Being director allows me to enjoy camp, plan fun activities for the girls and make a positive impact in the lives of young girls. I love meeting and working with all the adult volunteers who come to camp.

Anne-Marie "Sunshine" Fogel, Camp Co-Director
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. I have worked with the elderly for 25 years. I work full-time at a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Milwaukee.
My camp start: I started going to Camp Winding River as a young Girl Scout many years ago. In 2003, I returned as a leader and ran the kitchen for a few summers. I have been the Camp Director since 2010.
Fun Fact: When I attended camp, Hadji was our nature person. The same person Hadji's Hut at camp is named after. She was an awesome nature person and seemed to know everything about camp.
Favorite part of camp: I love watching the girls learn new skills and learn to become leaders. These girls are truly the leaders of tomorrow.

Karen "Bubbles" Bitzan, Assistant Camp Director
Career:  I have spent most of my adult life taking care of kids--sometimes getting paid for it.  I will be babysitting my soon-to-be-born granddaughter full time as soon as our camp is over this year.
My camp start:  I started coming to camp in the early 90's as the Business Manager and PAIT Unit Leader and have held many different camp positions since then.
Fun fact:  I chose my camp name because I always carry bubble soap wherever I go at camp.  Bubbles always put smiles on the children's faces.
Favorite part of camp:  As the Council's Canoe Safety Instructor, I love to share my love of canoeing with the girls, adults, and even the lifeguards!

South Shore Day Camp

jessica-119.pngJessica "Mama Mongoose" Borkowski, Camp Co-Director
Career:  Fourth grade teacher at Blessed Savior School-North Campus.
My Camp Start:  My first time at Girl Scout Camp was two years ago, with my daughter at My Gal and Me. Previously, I worked for many years at the Y in day camps.
Fun Fact: I am a big fan of Harry Potter.  I am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts!
Favorite Part of Camp:  My favorite part of camp is the look kids from the city get the first time they come to camp. Many of them have rarely leave the city or have never been to camp before.  It is a wonderful feeling sharing the great outdoors with the girls.

Favorite Part of Camp: My favorite part of camp in creating friendships that will last a lifetime!

Sun Lakes Day Camp

Beth "Pippi" Hahn, Camp Director
Career: I am a Microbiologist and work in a lab where I do Infectious Diseases medical research. I'm currently looking for a Lyme disease vaccine.
My camp start: In 2005 I realized that for next summer's camp, my daughter would be a PA and would no longer need me to be the unit leader. I also was the Service Area Coordinator and was asked to find a replacement for the retiring day camp director. I've never looked back.
Fun fact: My camp name is Pippi (as in Longstocking). It was my daughter's favorite book and movie.
Favorite part of camp: The best part of being a Day Camp Director is seeing the "light bulb go on" when a girl gets it after trying something hard and seeing she can succeed. I firmly believe that girls will love science, technology, engineering, and math by trying fun hands-on activities.

Sunny Trails Day Camp

Alan "Gofer Gutz" and Janie "AAA" McGinty, Camp Co-Directors
Elisa "Book-It" Neckar, Camp Co-Director

Whispering Willows Day Camp

maria-whispering-willows-cropped-(1).pngMaria "Bunny" Glorioso, Camp Director
Career: Residence Hall Director at Marquette University
My Camp Start: First Grade Brownies!
Fun Fact: I teach baking classes and secretly want to open my own cupcake shop.
Favorite Part of Camp: Seeing everyone at flag the very first day of camp.  Everyone is so excited and has their camp gear on and you just know everyone’s ready for the week’s adventures. I also love the bonding that happens between all the different girls and all the different ages; especially at our flag retirement ceremony on Thursday.

AudreySmith-vldc-119-(2).pngAudrey Smith, Camp Co-Director
Career: I am currently a preschool teacher at Dixon Elementary school in the Elmbrook school district.
My Camp Start: This is my first year at Girl Scout camp but I grew up going to camp in Iowa. I was a camper from the time I was in third grade through high school and I was a camp counselor for three years.
Fun Fact: I love riding my bike and exploring new trials around the Milwaukee area.

Windy Waters

Abra "Moon" Dexter, Camp Co-Director
Education:  I am a graduate of UW Parkside, a full-time homemaker and spend as much time as possible volunteering with Girl Scouts. 
My Camp Start:  I loved camp when I was a Girl Scout so the first year my daughter went to camp I volunteered to help!  It was such an awesome experience that I never stopped, even though my daughter is now in college. There is no place better to learn something new, make great friends, play like a kid, and help a bunch of great girls become even greater young women.
Fun Fact:  My basement belongs to Girl Scouts.  I have been a Girl Scout volunteer long enough that all those little things I have saved, for the amazing crafts/camping/projects I wanted to do, have completely taken over.  I hope I never have to move!
Favorite Part of Camp:  It would have to be our traditional Friday SWAPS meet.  The girls work on their SWAPS before camp begins. I love seeing all the different designs the girls come up with. On the last day of camp we all get together and trade. It is crazy, loud and chaotic but it is also so much FUN! 

Jennifer "Toots" Ebert, Camp Co-Director

Career: I am a state-certified Food Safety Manager. I work for Aramark in the Burlington Area School District.
My Camp Start: I started out as a full-time parent volunteer in 2004 when my oldest daughter was a Daisy. Over the years I was a unit leader for Daisies, helper with the PAIT unit, the First Aider, and Assistant Director. Five years ago I was bestowed with the title of Co-Director.  And that little Girl Scout Daisy is now a C.I.T.!
Fun Fact: My husband and I are KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) certified BBQ competition judges and have our own competition BBQ team called "10-73 Q".
Favorite Part of Camp: I LOVE our camp team. Seeing the campers progress year-after-year is extremely rewarding. Each summer my favorite memories happen with all the parent volunteers at our camp overnight. We laugh until it hurts into the wee hours of the...morning! 

Woodland Trails Day Camp

Amy "Poppy Seed" Russel, Camp Director

Pam "Apple Blossom" Donegan, Assistant Camp Director and PA/CIT Coordinator
  I am a stay-at-home mom who does cleaning jobs in my spare time.  When I worked (from my Senior year in high school until my son was born 19 years ago), I was a legal secretary and a paralegal.
My camp start:  I started out as a unit leader when our Service Area was with Badger Council.  We had our summer camp at Oakwood Knoll in East Troy, and my favorite themed camp there was Christmas in July.  We decorated and wore elf hats, ate snow cones, made Christmas cards, and made a huge Christmas dinner with each girl peeling her own potato (a new opportunity for most of them).  We even cooked a turkey in a garbage can.  
Fun fact:  My husband was my 38th blind date.
Favorite part of camp:  I enjoy planning camp with the other volunteers, and working with the PAs and CITs who I have come to know over the past five years as the PA/CIT Coordinator.  But I must say that my favorite part of camp is driving around in the golf cart and treating campers to rides.