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For Volunteers

Camp provides an outdoor experience for the entire family – not just the girls! Why join us as a volunteer at Day Camp by Community? Well, for starters:
  • Nothing beats seeing the pride in your camper as she hits the bull’s-eye for the first time, starts a fire with only one match or makes it to the top of the rock wall!
  • Your day camp team includes an amazing group of teens and adults who help to lead camp activities.
  • You’ll have fun seeing your Girl Scout in action, socializing with new adults and watching your community come together to create an unforgettable summer experience.
You will be partnered with another adult to keep track of 8-12 girls as they go between activities. Sometimes adults are assigned to a station or to be with the boy or peewee unit. Adults from each family and/or troop are needed to volunteer one or more days. Each day, one adult is needed for every five girls.
Ready to get started? Sign up to help in three easy steps: 2016 Adult Volunteer Training and Orientation Dates
Camp Training Details
(check back in spring)
Alpha Moraine Adult Volunteer Orientation  
Arrowhead Adult Volunteer Training
Belles of the Lake Training all Adults who are volunteering (full or part time)  
Deer Trails Adult Volunteer Training
Enchanted Waters Adult Orientation
Friends Forward and Kinoje Girls West Adult Volunteer meeting
Glacier Hills Adult Volunteer (new and returning) Orientation
Indian Springs TBD  
Kenosha East Adult Volunteer meeting
Lakeland TBD  
Northern Lights Adult Volunteer meeting especially Unit Leaders  
Prairie Hill Unit Leader and Parent orientation
Prairie Hill Adults can help at:  
Rising Stars Meadow Springs Unit Leader meeting for adult volunteers  
River Valley Adult volunteer training
Sun Lakes Unit Leader training including CITs
Sun Lakes Camp Orientation for adults & CITs  
Sunny Trails
Unit Leader and other Unit Volunteer Trainings  
Whispering Willows Unit Leader Training
Windy Waters TBD  
Woodland Trails New Volunteer Orientation
Woodland Trails Unit Leader Meeting  

Adult Volunteers get Progression too!
May vary slightly between each day camp.
  A Parent’s Progression as a Camp Volunteer A Girl’s Progression
Daisy - entering 1st grade next fall Take it all in. Your main concern is getting them from Point A to B with some sunscreen on them. Girls are so excited to be a part of camp. Activities teach the basics to outdoor fun.
Brownie - entering grades 2 and 3 You are starting to get the hang of it. You meet other adults from your school and community. Girls are excited to come back and know a little more than they did the year before. More songs, more s’mores, and seeing a whole community come together.
Junior - entering grades 4 and 5 You know the songs better than the girls! You are excited to see girls do such different stuff than they do at home. Stay overnight, shoot an arrow, paddle a canoe, cook your own meal. See older girls and be inspired to try more.
Entering 6th grade Your pride is obvious because your girls are getting this 'camp thing.' You see their leadership span from camp to school to life and realize how much camp has given them. Final year as a full camper! Master more skills. This is the year that other activities can take up girls’ time outside of Girl Scouts but camp can be the one thing that brings them back together each summer.

Entering 7th grade - Program Aide in Training

 You are ready to evolve your leadership too by taking on a station or helping a new Daisy leader. Great balance between camper and new leader. Get the sneak peek of life as a PA.

Entering 8th grade through graduating Seniors -

Program Aides (PA) and  Counselors In Training (CIT)
You have made friends throughout the years at camp. You are ready to help in camp planning or take a small task that will help. Share talents. Be a role model. Earn service hours for school. Be silly with the younger girls yet make strong bonds with teens your age.
Post High School You return because this is your community and your camp. It’s too much of a summer tradition to give up yet. Now that they have graduated, they can still come back to volunteer at day camp and be a mentor.