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For Volunteers


Be a Day Camp Volunteer


Thank you for volunteering at day camp!

Here are some helpful resources for you:

Adult Volunteer Orientation

Meet with the camp director prior to camp so you are ready and prepared. Trainings are for new and returning volunteers who are helping 1-6 days. See your day camp brochure for dates or check back here in March.

Tips for Volunteers

1. Throughout camp there are teens in leadership positions as PAs (Program Aide) or CITs (Counselor In Training). Encourage them to shine. Read more.

2. Know some games in case you have free time.

Submit your own Volunteer Tips or request tips to ayanacheck@gswise.org.

Volunteers Said

"It was a great chance to get to know the girls in my daughter's troop better. I got to know others in different troops and hear about what they do and plan for their troop. We exchanged ideas, and of course, it's always a great time to be outside!" -Volunteer, Troop Leader, and Mom

My favorite part about camp was "spending time with the girls and making new memories." - Volunteer and Mom

"It is so neat to see your child in action. You can get to know her friends and her friends' parents. Plus you get to make friends yourself. Just try it one day or one week." - Wendy, Mom and Volunteer