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Staff Directory


Please contact Customer Care with any questions at 800-565-4475.


For media inquiries, please contact Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Brenda Vento at 414-443-3977.

First Name Last Name Title
Claire Allen Urban Initiative Manager
Chris Allen-Leach Administrative Assistant
Brenda Baas Benefits & Human Resources Assistant
Diane Barnes Resource Center Manager: New Berlin
Mary Pat Beals Chief Development Officer
Karen Boehme Engagement Consultant (Area 1)
Christy Brown Chief Executive Officer
Cindy Buser Customer Care Specialist 
Ashley Caruso Director of Philanthropy
Jennifer Chartier Philanthropy Assistant
Barbara Chase Director of Resource Centers
Holli Clark Lead Event Specialist
Lashondrea Clark Customer Care Specialist
Felicia Coats Resource Center Assistant
Leslie Cripe Property/Camping Services Manager
Wendy Dahl Director of Product Program
Gussie Daniels Senior Director of Member Recruitment and Engagement
Brigette David Assistant Site Manager
Heidi Deininger Chief Operating Officer
Lisa DeLaney Site Manager: Silverbrook Program Center
Patricia De La Torre Latina Camp and Outdoor Experience Specialist 
Emily Dell Philanthropy Coordinator
Rick Dembinski Site Manager
Anna Doll Recruitment Manager (Area 4)
Lauralee Egli Senior Director of Volunteer Experience
Sandy  Erickson Engagement Consultant (Area 4)
Chris Friedl Urban Camp and Outdoor Experience Manager
Stephanie Funk Resource Center Assistant PT
Laura Garczynski Volunteer Support Specialist (Area 1)
Tina Gaulden Design Manager
Michelle Goetsch Finance Director
Leslie Gonzalez  Director of Member Engagement
Kim Good Director of Research and Evaluation
Rose Grinder-Mondragon Urban Initiative Assistant
Kate Hamm Data Administrator
Dana Hartenstein Senior Manager Campaign and Content
Cindy Hemm Accounting Associate
Kathy Hernandez Product Program Coordinator
Chris Hettwer Event Specialist
Larissa High Urban Initiative Specialist
Deanna Holloway Volunteer Support Specialist (Area 2)
Brandy Jadczak Volunteer Support Specialist (Area 6)
Nicole Jamieson Volunteer Support Specialist (Area 4)
Lori Kasun Senior Director of Camp and Girl Scout Leadership Experience 
Helen Knauer Administrative Print Specialist
Kevin Kopps Property Manager
Kathy Laur Director of Properties
Telethia LeBron Latina Recruitment Manager (Area 2)
Katrina Leonard Recruitment Manager (Area 6)
Laura Lindsay Human Resources Director
Diana Lopez Latina Initiative Support Specialist
Domonique Martinez Camp and Outdoor Experience Manager
Shanyce Matthews-McGee Recruitment Manager (Area 2)
Autumn McCune Resource Center Assistant: WSC
Marvin McGhee Accountant
Rosanne McGuire Director of Member Recruitment
Leann Meiners Volunteer Development Manager
Maura Metz Campaign and Content Coordinator
Sue Molina Director of Girl Scout Leadership Experience
Shavonn Montgomery Brown Philanthropy Relationship Manager
Darlene Nash Recruitment Manager (Area 3)
Martha Nicks Engagement Consultant (Area 2)
Jane Otto Director of IT
Mary Otto Customer Care Specialist 
Maria Pagán Camp and Activities Registrar
Esther Pagán Customer Care Specialist
Monica Parkes Engagement Consultant (Area 3)
Becky Perdue Volunteer Support Specialist (Area 3)
Crystal Polak Girl Experience Manager
Lisa Privatt Executive Assistant
Sara Reeder Director of Customer Care
Luis Rico Camp Ranger
Carol Robinson Chief Financial Officer
Alora Rodriguez Urban Initiative Specialist
Lynn Roeglin Resource Center Manager: Milwaukee
Caitlin Rowland Camp and Outdoor Experience Manager
Heather Rudolf Assistant Site Manager
Angela Rumsey Registration Administrator
Lila Saavedra Urban Initiative Specialist Milwaukee
Raifeh Saqer Urban Initiative Specialist Milwaukee
Andrea Schulner Administrative Assistant
Mary  Schulz Business Manager
Kelly Shields Seasonal Product Program Support Specialist
Cindy Siemers Assistant Site Manager: Camp Alice Chester
Vickie Silberschmidt Design & Editorial Specialist
Brenda Smith Recruitment Manager (Area 5)
Tonia Smith Resource Center Assistant: MSC
Felecia Valentine Engagement Consultant (Area 5)
Brenda Vento Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Michelle Villanueva Volunteer Support Manager 
Lachel Walker Urban Initiative Specialist 
Kristin Ward Recruitment Manager (Area 1)
Gregory Ware Director of Urban Initiative
Allicia Washington-White Girl Experience Manager
Donita Wilbon Receptionist
Sherry Williams Director of Volunteer Support and Development
Timothy Williamson Camp Ranger
Nancy Wosyk Accounting Associate
Andrea Yanacheck Camp and Outdoor Experience Senior Manager