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The power of progression at Girl Scout camp

Summer camp is all about trying something different, learning new skills and making new friends.
How do girls do that when they go every summer?
Everything camp provides is specific to a girl’s age and skills. Each summer she is a year older and ready to take on something new. Even as she becomes familiar with her camp and the routine, she continues to advance her skills.
How do you track a girl’s progress?
Girls proudly wear a Progression Patch on the backs of their sashes or vests to symbolize their experience at day camp. For each year as a camper, girls receive a pompom to add to the patch: The first year, girls receive one red pompom. They receive additional pompoms for the next five years at camp. Then, once they have completed a week of being a PAIT (Program Aide in Training) and have completed the sixth grade, girls earn the butterfly that is placed above the caterpillar. They have earned their wings and are ready to become Program Aides the following summer.

Details of the Progression Patch
The patch is available for purchase when girls register for camp, or at the camp Trading Post. Pompoms and the PA butterfly are distributed at camp, free of charge. Hot glue seems to be the best way to attach the pompoms and butterfly to the patch.
Details of Progression
Here are some examples of outdoor skill progression at day camp.
  Daisies Brownies Juniors Cadettes
Fire Building Make an edible fire as a snack Know the safety rules and help put a fire out Light and maintain a campfire Ceremonial campfires
Cooking Brown-bag lunch Help cut and prepare meals Explore a variety of cooking methods over a fire Care for cooking equipment
Water Fun (where applicable) Wading, Beach play Learn canoe strokes; Paddle boats Canoeing Master control and power of canoeing
Target Sports Stuffed animal sling shots Foam sling shots Archery Farther distances in archery

After girls complete day camp week as a PAIT, the leadership skills they will gain as a PA and CIT are life changing. 

Is your girl making progress toward completing her Progression Patch? What is her favorite part of day camp?

— Andrea Yanacheck, Senior Camp Pathway Manager
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marci miller
Sadly my daughters were never given one of these. It sounds like a fun idea tho
7/21/2015 1:04:08 PM

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