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I can't wait until next year's Camp iGirl!

This June, I went to Alverno College to attend Camp iGirl, a technology camp for girls. There were several courses to choose from, including photography, web design, the camp newsletter, and design dabbler, which is a little bit of everything. When I came to iGirl for the first time two years ago, I chose Design Dabbler for the full technology experience. This year, I chose to be on the Newsletter staff because I felt that it would improve my journalism skills as writer for my school newspaper. I learned how to edit images in Adobe which was new for me. I designed layouts for my articles, used color schemes and borders, and interviewed girls about their experiences at camp. On the last day, we put together the newsletter and it turned out great!

Ananya at Camp iGirl

My favorite part of Camp iGirl has always been the Mentor Luncheon, where influential women come and eat lunch with the campers and counselors. A few girls from camp are MCs, and there’s a keynote speaker. This year the speaker was Dr. Jean Grow, a Professor of Strategic Communication at Marquette. She talked about how her experiences as a Girl Scout helped her get to where she is now. Each table has girls, counselors, and mentors, giving it that intimacy to communicate face to face. At my table, I sat with Dr. Grow, Jennifer Janviere, Marquette’s Multimedia Specialist; and Christy Brown, GSWISE’s CEO. It was such a great experience because we got to know more about these women on a personal level and they got to know about us and what our dreams were.
That night was the dance, which was a way to get to know everybody else better. All the campers and counselors had a lot of fun dancing, talking, and laughing with each other. There was also space to play twister, bean bag toss, and make bracelets. Near the end, we had a limbo contest, which got pretty intense near the end, but was still entertaining. And finally, we did our own Camp iGirl Harlem Shake! Overall, the night was really fun and it helped me strengthen a lot of friendships that I made over the past few days.

Camp iGirl was a great experience and really fun. I made lots of new friends, who I wouldn’t have necessarily met otherwise. My group and I truly became sisters in the week that we spent together. I won’t forget the memories I made at camp this summer. I can’t wait until next year!


Posted: 8/27/2013 3:25:51 PM by Toni Letizia | with 1 comments
Ronnie Jean Artero Frederick
Wow! Camp iGirl sounds incredible. I'm a mom of two junior scouts and for the first time, am getting more involved as a Leader Volunteer for a troop that is part of Four on the Shore. As I explore the GSwise web site, I'm finding there are so many wonderful options for scouts and can't wait to share these with our troop.
9/17/2013 9:36:24 AM

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