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Girl Scout camp and confidence: A mom and daughter interview

Maria, a  high school sophomore, has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and first attended camp in the third grade. She fell in love with Camp Alice Chester and for the past four years has been a Program Aide there and at Chinook Program Center for day camp. Her mom, Janice, is currently her troop leader and has been involved in various volunteer roles over the years. We asked Maria and Janice a few questions about what makes Girl Scout camp so great!

Why do you choose to come to Girl Scout camp?

Maria: I come to camp because it has given me so many opportunities to make new friends, to have fun summers and meet great people.
Janice: She loves the friendships that she makes. Camp helps her to build confidence in herself. She also has a great time with all the activities that camp has to offer.
How has Girl Scout camp helped to shape your courage, confidence and/or character?

Maria: It has helped me become a better person. It has been easier to try new things. I have more confidence in myself and the tasks I do.
Janice: She has become more of a leader outside of camp. She has grown into a confident young lady. It has allowed her grow in her job as well and show what a hard worker she is.

If you had to pick just one, what would you say is your favorite camp activity and why?

Maria: I think my favorite activity is when we do scavenger hunts or the huge game around camp on the last day before we leave, because it is the time you can talk to the friends you have made in other groups and spend the time with the new friends you made at camp.
Janice: The quality time that she gets to spend with her unit. It allows her to build lifelong friendships.

Maria, have you had the chance to take on leadership roles at camp? If so, what was it like having those opportunities?

Maria: I have taken on small leadership roles at camp by leading a game or helping counselors. An example is when I helped the counselor out by working with girls who had already completed an activity. I kept them calm by talking to them, helping them learn about each another. It allowed the counselor to finish up with the girls who had not yet finished the activity so that the whole group could move on to the next activity.

It felt amazing to have some leadership roles because of the respect that I received from the girls as a CIT. Also, the counselors appreciated I took on this role without being asked by them. It gave me more self-confidence and showed me what leadership qualities I had.
Do you think that your experience at Girl Scout camp will continue to influence you in college and beyond? If so, how?

Maria: I believe Girl Scout experience will help me every day by caring for others, being an older sister to the younger girls and helping in my community as much as I can.
Janice: Yes, I think it will help her by continuing to give her good leadership skills that she can take onto college and her career. The confidence that she has built with Girl Scouts will take her into new adventures and allowing her to grow.
What advice would you give to girls and parents considering Girl Scout camp for the first time?

Maria: The advice I would give is that it is a great experience and they would have so much fun. For the parents, I would let them know that at camp the kids are really taken care of.
Janice: That going to camp will be a lifelong opportunity to grow and become a leader. The friendships that she will make will be wonderful, and most of all she will have the time of her life!

Why does your daughter choose to come to Girl Scout camp? What positive changes have you seen in your in daughter since she’s attended camp?
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