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Becoming a Volunteer

Make every day her best day ever. It starts with one day, one meeting, and one role model that shows her she can accomplish more than she ever imagined.  At Girl Scouts, we want every girl to feel so excited about her future that she can hardly wait for it, because she knows she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. That feeling starts with you. As a Girl Scout volunteer, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences that make every day the best day ever.

No daughter or experience required. Girls need positive role models—from all walks of life and all ages. If you don’t have a daughter or relative in Girl Scouts, you can still volunteer! And there are endless, flexible ways to participate.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application
  2. Complete a background check
  3. Register as a member ($15 annually)
As a Girl Scout volunteer you will have support from staff and a network of volunteers in your area. To get connected, contact us at volunteersupport@gswise.org.

Volunteer FAQs

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- What are the benefits of volunteering with Girl Scouts?
  • Get involved in your community. Girl Scout volunteers are connected to an extensive network of local volunteers. Make new friends in your area, get involved in projects to make your community better, and support your local girls.

  • Learn something new and spruce up your resume. Volunteer experience helps your resume shine. You don’t have to be an expert; Girl Scouts will provide volunteer training to prepare you to provide the best experiences for girls. Girl Scout volunteer experience translates to skills in leadership, marketing, finance, fundraising, organizing, event planning, project management, and budgeting. Not only will you be gaining new skills, but you will have great opportunities for networking.

  • It is good for you. Research shows that volunteering has both emotional and physical benefits. That feeling of happiness and accomplishment you get when you help someone is actually helping you live longer.*

  • We have fun. Volunteering with Girl Scouts isn’t just rewarding, it is also a lot of fun. Whether you’re camping, serving the community, or attending a local event, we’re always having a good time.

*We’re not kidding. Check it out.

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- What kind of support will I have as a volunteer?
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- What are the next steps after I complete the application and background check?