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Training Timeline for Girl Scout Leaders and Volunteers

You will have several options for each requirement plus opportunities to take special course offerings that will provide skills for teaching and leading girls in different activities. If you are beginning with a first-year Girl Scout Daisy troop, this is what your training timeline might kook like!

  • Year 1, spring: Complete Planning the Overnight Experience or recruit another adult volunteer to become the trained volunteer to plan and participate with girls on overnight experiences. Also take training or recruit another adult to be the first aider by completing First Aid Level I/CPR training.

  • GS Daisy Year 2 in the spring: Complete GS Brownie Leadership Essentials as girls bridge to this grade level in Girl Scouting. Watch for opportunities for enrichment courses throughout the year that will make your leader responsibilities easier and more fun!

  • GS Brownie Year 3: Complete the Camp Skills for Outdoors classes that will enable girls to learn how to build and cook over outdoor fires, plus learn the specific skills that go with outdoor activities. Allow enough time between your classes and the actual planned trip so that girls are involved in planning and preparation for the activities. Take First Aid/CPR recertification.

  • GS Junior Year 5: Consider mentoring your girls in acheiving the GS Bronze Award. Also talk with girls about what activities they might like to do that would require an adult volunteer to take specialized training, such as canoeing or archery. Plan ahead of time so that you or another adult has time to complete any required training and then assist girls with preparation for that activity. Take First Aid/CPR recertification.

  • GS Junior Year 6, spring: Complete the Cadette-Senior-Ambassador training for Girl Scout Advisors as girls bridge to Cadettes. Be prepared to have more fun and less work as the adult working with girls as they progress through their Girl Scout Leadership Experiences!

  • GS Cadette Year 7: Take the GS Silver Award training with the girls in your troop who want to pursue their GS Silver Award. Take First Aid/CPR recertification.

  • GS Senior Year 10: Girls who want to earn their highest honor, the GS Gold Award, must take the GS Gold Award training, along with other requirements for earning this recognition.

For details on course offerings and other information, visit www.gswise.org or call 1-800-565-GIRL (4475).