Troop Checking Account

Every troop should set up a checking account from a council-approved financial institution, utilizing the taxpayer identification number.
Two registered, non-related volunteers and the council’s Chief Financial Officer will be signers on all accounts.
Don’t put personal information on a troop checking account.

Troop checking accounts should read:
• Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, Inc., Troop ______ (4 digits)

Opening the Account
Accounts should be opened at banks that waive service fees for Girl Scout troops. Troop leaders may choose a bank convenient for them. Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast has established working relationships with the following financial institutions:
  • Associated Bank
  • Citizens Bank of Mukwonago
  • Community State Bank
  • First Bank Financial Centre
  • Johnson Bank
  • Landmark Credit Union
  • M&I Bank
  • Southport Bank
  • Tri City National Bank
  • Waukesha State Bank
  • Waterstone Bank

Managing the Account
Standard accounting practices call for a checks and balances system. One leader should receive the bank statements, while the other leader holds the checkbook.

For a troop leader's convenience, a simple Excel spreadsheet format has been created to help you track earning and expenses. While using the spreadsheet, you may wish to refer to this description of what goes into the expense categories.

All cash and checks should be deposited within 24 hours of receipt. Only Girl Scout income and expenses should be run through the checking account. Pay all troop expenses out of the checking account. This makes for a clean audit trail.

Keeping up to date with the financial recordkeeping will make it very easy to complete the annual troop group checking account at the end of year.
Finance Information 
Review the Troop Finance Packet more information.
View the Troop Finance Online Training.