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The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

With input from girls, the Girl Scout community, and youth development experts, Girl Scouts of the USA has developed the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is designed to provide girls with expanded, intentional opportunities to discover and build their personal leadership pathways.
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience defines not only what girls do in Girl Scouting, but how they do it. We know from research that leaders are not only born, but can be developed given the right environment and processes. Our new model integrates specific educational theories and processes that define each element needed to help girls become leaders, both of their own lives and of communities.

The Three Keys to Leadership

This new approach to leadership is based on three keys - Discover, Connect, and Take Action. Girls will first Discover their own talents, interests and values; then learn to Connect with others in a diverse setting; and finally Take Action to solve problems around them. And, with our unique focus on a process that is girl-driven and incorporates both cooperative and experiential learning, girls will have the opportunity to create their own experiences, reflect on them and apply what they learn to new situations. 
Intentional use of this combination of processes makes Girl Scouts unique and will enable us to provide a consistent leadership experience to every girl who chooses to make Girl Scouting part of her life. 
  • Girls Discover: They seek challenges and want to learn new things.
  • Girls Connect: They perceive themselves as leaders and create a culture of collaboration and teamwork.
  • Girls Take Action: They feel empowered to make a difference, advocating for themselves and others.
Imagine a world where girls’ dreams are limitless, where Journeys lead them to discover who they are, where Pathways connect them to friends and where their voices are always heard…

Imagine the Girl Scout Leadership Experience!