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Parent Meeting Outline for Troop Leader

  1. Get list of interested girls from school organizer.

  2. Set up meeting site (school works best) for parent meeting.

  3. If contract signature is required, submit to your local Resource Center.

  4. Contact parents with meeting information.

  5. Include Girl Scout registration forms.

  6. Prepare parent help sign-up sheets.

  1. Arrange tables and chairs for parents, and an activity area for girls.

  2. If girls are going to be present, arrange for an older girl troop to help or have your co-leader run an activity with the girls.

  3. Introductions

  4. Troop management positions - discuss responsibilities such as leaders, treasurer, cookie parent, drivers, meeting help, snacks, phone contact person, shopper.

  5. Ask parents if they have any skills, knowledge, or special contacts that they can share during the year.

  6. Discuss troop meeting times and locations.

  7. Explain and discuss troop dues.

  8. Explain and discuss Family Partnership.

  9. Explain uniform and publication options.

  10. Discuss options for purchasing through the Resource Center (Purchases from the Resource Centers directly benefit Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.)

  11. Collect registrations, dues, and Family Partnership contributions.

  12. Tell parents how you are going to communicate with them on an ongoing basis (i.e., e-mail, newsletter, phone tree).

  13. Direct parents to the council's Web site for information on workshops, support, Resource Centers, and more.

Post Meeting
  1. Follow-up with e-mail thank you and recap of meeting.

  2. Send rosters out with parent information and e-mail addresses.

  3. Remember – Informed parents are interested parents!