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Money Earning

Girl Scout Volunteer Essentials prohibit Girl Scouts from raising money in the name of another organization. Girls may help other organizations at money earning events (ie: handing out water at a cancer walk), but may not directly raise money.  

Troop money-earning is based on progression. Girl Scout Cadette, Seniors and Ambassadors will have more money-earning activities available to them than younger Girl Scouts do.

The safety and well being of troop members are always the top priorities in money-earning activities. Any troop conducting a money-earning activity must participate in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity and Fall Product Program Activity. All money-earning activities must be approved prior to participation or promotion. Girls should be making decisions and planning money earning activities.

Complete the Troop Money Earning Application and submit it for review to your local Service Center no later than two weeks prior to the activity.

Adult members may not solicit financial contributions for purposes other than Girl Scouting. Any solicitation on behalf of Girl Scouts must be approved by the council’s fund development department. Individuals or businesses who donate money directly to a troop will not be able to take a tax deduction, unless the donation has been made directly to Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, Inc. and then re-routed to the troop. Only the council, not a troop has the necessary tax exemption to be designated as a charitable deduction.