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Troop Leader Check-Off List

Congratulations! You have completed the application and background check process.

  • Prior to meeting with girls, complete Council 101: Welcome to Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. Dates and locations listed on our registration website Personify eBiz; there is also an online version available if you can not make a classroom date.
  • Register and participate in Leadership Essentials for your level within 4 weeks of appointment to your volunteer position. Dates and locations listed on our registration website Personify eBiz. There is also an online training located on our council website. Review the directions on how to complete training online.

  • Pick up a Troop packet, 2 Connections books, and 1 Volunteer Essentials books. Acquire new troop number at this time if you have not already done so.  These two things can be done at any of our Resource Centers or through your School Organizer or Membership Manager.

  • Set up troop checking account as soon as you and your co-leader have been approved and have registered. Read the Bank Letter and Troop Checking Account Form (both can be found in your troop packet, Troop Finance Packet). Once the account is open, submit an ACH Form to Council.

  • Begin Troop Formation ie: Receive names of interested girls, contact girls and parents/guardians, send invitations to all girls/families to participate in a parent meeting, conduct parent meeting. Contact your Membership Manager or School Organizer if you need assistance with this step.

  • Begin troop registration process (instructions and materials located in the Troop packet).  All girls and adults participating with the troop must complete a Girl Scout membership registration form before leaders can have meetings with the girls. At least one adult from your group should be registered as the 01 leader.

  • Secure a meeting place for your troop meetings.  If you are required to sign a usage agreement or contract, contact your Membership Manager who will help to facilitate the proper council signature.

  • Attend Service Area meetings each month from September to May for Council and local area updates, enrichments, networking opportunities, etc. A representative from your troop should be present at each Service Area Meeting.