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Volunteer Essentials

This resource for adult volunteers offers information about Girl Scouts as a movement, discusses the GSLE and journeys, highlights other program offerings, shares information about healthy development in girls, instructs volunteers in how to keep girls safe, gives information on taking trips and hosting events, and tells volunteers how to help girls manage group finances, including general details on Girl Scout Cookie sales.

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Quick Start Guide

  • We are Girl Scouts

  • Who Can Join Girl Scouts and How?

  • Girl Scouts' Organizational Structure

  • Getting Started with National Leadership Program through Journeys

  • Planning in a Girl-Led Environment

  • Meeting with Girls for the First Time

  • Using Safety Activity Checkpoints

  • Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need

  • Following the Girl Scouts Safety Guidelines

  • Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast Volunteer Policies and Practices

Chapter 1: Sharing Your Unique Gifts

  • Understanding Your Role as a Girl Scout Volunteer

  • Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities

  • Knowing How Much You're Appreciated

Chapter 2: Girl Scouting as a National Experience

  • What Girl Scouting Does for Girls

  • ToGetHerThere

  • Fun with Purpose

  • The National Program Portfolio

  • Putting It All Together

  • Emblems and Patches

  • Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards

  • Other Initiatives and Opportunities

  • Girl Scout Traditions and Celebrations

  • Girl Scout Calendar

  • Time-Honored Ceremonies

  • Signs, Songs, Handshake, and More!

Chapter 3: Engaging Girls at All Grade Levels

  • Arranging a Time and Space for Girl-Led Meetings

  • Understanding Healthy Development in Girls

  • Creating a Safe Space for Girls

  • Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance and Inclusion

Chapter 4: Safety-Wise

  • Knowing Your Responsibilities

  • Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need

  • Transporting Girls

  • Approaching Activities

  • Providing Emergency Care

Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances

  • Establishing an Account

  • Money-Earning Basics

  • Understanding the Girl Scout Cookie Program

  • Additional Group Money-Earning Activities

  • Collaborating with Sponsors and Other organizations

Appendix: For Troop Volunteers

  • Forming a Troop Committee

  • Holding Troop Meetings

  • Looking at a Sample Troop Year

  • Reengaging Girls

Appendix: For Travel Volunteers

  • Traveling with Girls

  • Reengaging Girls