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National and Council Awards

Girl Scouting is a volunteer driven organization, where dedicated adult volunteers are essential in providing leadership experiences for girls.  The formal recognition process established by Girl Scouts of the USA is one way to recognize outstanding contributions of volunteers. Take a moment to nominate an outstanding individual or group for a national or council award. 

Thoughtful consideration should be given to determine the appropriate recognition for each individual and situation. Carefully read the award descriptions and examples of potential candidates to find the closest match to your candidate’s efforts. Then check the procedures for each nomination. You will need to ask others familiar with the nominee’s work to submit a letter of endorsement. Volunteers on the recognition task group may not be familiar with your candidate so it is important to make sure you address the specific facts of what the person has done to fulfill award requirements. Please remember that a different person must prepare the nomination and the letter of endorsement.

Nomination deadline is Tuesday, February  2, 2016.

National and council awards are reviewed by volunteer task group(s) and are presented at the council’s Annual meeting or Service Area celebrations. If you have any questions about adult awards, please contact the Director of Adult Learning at swilliams@gswise.org, 800-565-GIRL (4475) or 414-443-3935. Candidate needs to be a registered member, have completed the appropriate training, and performed at a level exceeding expectations for the position.
Volunteer Awards and Recognition flyer and materials