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Cookie Program Activity

Girl Scout Cookie order taking is now in progress. Contact your local Girl Scout Cookie Boss today!

Our "no-wait" sale begins January 26 - Girl Scout Cookie Bosses will have cookies in hand to quell your sweet tooth on the spot!

And look for Cookie Booths manned by our Girl Scout Cookie Bosses beginning January 26 - find a booth near you at girlscoutcookies.org, where you can also download the Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder Mobile App.

Learn more about America's best cookies here.

There's more to Girl Scout cookies than what's in the box...

Learning valuable life skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls become successful business leaders, now and in the future.
Long before they assume adult roles, the program allows girls real-world opportunities to manage money, become ethical and reliable entrepreneurs, set goals, meet deadlines, work well with others and understand customers.