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Horseback Riding

Approved Ranches and Stables
Horseback riding facilities may be added or discontinued during the year based on compliance with our council’s list of safety checkpoints and insurance requirements. Check here for the most current list of approved facilities.

Each listed stable has an annual facility inspection, follows Safety Activity Checkpoints standards, and has appropriate insurance for riders. Other local stables have chosen not to be inspected and approved. Therefore, only use the listed stables when doing Girl Scout activities even if you personally use a different stable for your family riding. Click here for a current list of approved ranches and stables.

Click here to review the horseback riding guidelines prior to scheduling your event.

Each rider MUST have a signed Girl Scout Horseback Riding Permission Slip & Waiver from a parent or guardian. This protects you, the ranch, and Girl Scouts. Troop leaders keep one copy of the waiver until after the riding session is done in case of an accident. Stables will require an additional waiver from their particular stable. The troop leader should keep a copy of this waiver until after the riding session is done, in case of an accident. Each parent must also receive a copy of the horseback riding guidelines.

Rider Ability
As per the Safety Activity Checkpoints, trail riding will only be allowed based on the ability of the least experienced rider. For the safety of the girls and the entire group, if the instructors do not feel that all of the girls can control their horses sufficiently to go out of the ring, the entire group will not participate in a trail ride. No refunds will be issued.

Minimum Age/Grade is 4th Grade
Due to the girls’ physical size and maturity level, we do not recommend horseback riding for girls younger than Girl Scout Juniors (grade 3 or younger). Even though some Girl Scout Brownies may be experienced riders, attending as a Girl Scout Brownie group is not recommended by Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.  

Questions and Suggestions
Specific information about the riding experience and facilities should be directed to the individual ranches. If you have Girl Scout questions about horseback riding, contact Andrea Yanacheck at 800-565-GIRL (4475), 414-443-3916, or ayanacheck@gswise.org.

Ranches and Stables Wanting Approval
Contact Andrea Yanacheck at ayanacheck@gswise.org for a list of guidelines and requirements to be listed as an approved facility.