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Today’s busy Girl Scout volunteers have been asking for easy ways to guide girls through the wealth of experiences that Girl Scouting offers. Those requests were answered with Leadership Journeys for each grade level. Easy-to-use companion adult guides accompany each leadership journey and are designed to help volunteers guide girls easily through fun and meaningful experiences. The adult guides will also help volunteers to understand and observe the impact of the program on girls’ lives. Click on the grade level in the navigation to preview the Journey resources that are available.
Framework for Success
The journey will be much more fun and relevant as girls make it their own! Journeys provide sample sessions to give girls and volunteers ideas about sequencing experiences, discussions and earning awards so that the whole journey feels like one big adventure.
Getting Started with Journeys – and Beyond!
Wondering what Journeys are, or how to use them with girls? Want to help girls customize their Journey experience by adding in badges, cookies, camping, and events? Check out Getting Started with Journeys to begin!

A key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is the leadership journey, a coordinated series of activities grouped around a theme. Each journey is tied to some of Girl Scouts' 15 national outcomes for girls, as defined in the Girl Scout Leadership Model. These outcomes are integral to the three leadership keys, Discover, Connect, and Take Action. 
Frequently Asked Questions
You may have many of the same questions that other volunteers have had. Check out these most frequently asked questions.

I Can't Wait

Interactive Journey Maps

Discover + Connect + Take Action

Three keys to leadership:

  • Discover values and confidence to do what’s right
  • Connect and learn how to work with others
  • Take Action to change the world for the better

Leadership Journeys

Journeys help Girl Scouts learn and practice leadership, aid their communities, and earn awards. There are three series of Leadership Journeys, each about a different theme:

  • It's Your World—Change It!
  • It's Your Planet—Love It!
  • It's Your Story—Tell It!

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