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Girl Scout Ambassador Journey

It's Your World- Change It! - Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy
How often have you seen something that really needed to be changed and wondered, "Why isn't someone doing something about that?" This Journey gives Girl Scout Ambassadors a way.
It's Your Planet- Love It! - Justice
Through the ages and across the world, people have yearned for justice. And yet, injustice – for Earth and all its inhabitants – continues all around us. As Ambassadors create their own unique equation for justice, they will find that they are also networking and gathering ideas for college and careers. More Information
It's Your Story- Tell it! - Bliss: Live It! Give It!
In Bliss Live It! Give It!, Ambassadors dream big, now and for the future while encouraging others to dream big too! They explore their values, strengths and passions as a way to open doors to wonderful, new adventures. Designed as a flip-book, Bliss Live It! inspires girls to pursue their dreams while Bliss Give It! encourages girls to assist others in pursing theirs. More Information

Girl Scout  Gold Award
Completing two Senior or Ambassador journeys -OR- having earned the Silver Award, completing one Senior or Ambassador journey fulfills the Girl Scout Gold Award
prerequisite requirement.