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Teen Leadership

Program Aide (PA)
Grades 6-12
Program Aides have fun, strengthen their leadership skills, and meet new friends while working directly with younger girls under the supervision of an adult volunteer or staff member. Program Aides share their expertise with other Girl Scouts on a variety of topics. See the Cadette Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for steps to earning the Program Aide Pin if desired.

  • Camp Pathway: PAs and CITs (Counselors in Training) plan and/or lead camp activities. There is not a fee to attend day camp as a PA or CIT. However part of the planning, preparations, and training take place on the overnights which cost a nominal fee. See your current summer camp booklet for dates. PA Core training and Day Camp Specific training is required.
  • Event Pathway: PAs lead or assist activities at council events. PAs needs to be at least two years older than the girls they are working with and don't pay registration fees to attend. PA Core Training is encouraged and helpful to support PA success but not required. View PA event opportunities through Personify eBiz, Connections or Summer Event publications with the PA icon, or in the Event Volunteer Opportunity seasonal flyer. Register through Personify eBiz to notify the council at which events girls are interested in helping. 
  • Troop Pathway: PAs assist a younger troop in their area and gain practical skills and tips for working with girls and troop leaders. PA Core and Troop Specific Trainings required.
PA Trainings
  • PA Core Training: Includes leadership skills, strategies for working with younger Girl Scouts, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girl/adult partnership, teaching methods, and more. The council provides this training and some camps offer their own. Training is required for day camp PAs and strongly encouraged for event PAs.
  • Day Camp Specific Training: Each day camp facilitates their own day camp orientation for PAs and CITs every summer. See your day camp book for these dates which will be available in January.  
  • Event Specific Training: As of fall 2015 this training is incorporated into the PA Core Training.
  • Troop Specific Training: Contact Katelyn Condon at kcondon@gswise.org for training information and to get connected with a younger girl troop in your area.
Special Offer for PAs at Events: Troops or girls with adult supervision who PA at both Friday evening and Saturday events have the opportunity to spend that Friday night at the council property for free. Troops must adhere to program property rental procedures and safety requirements for troop camping. Notify eventvolunteers@gswise.org if interested.

Counselor In Training (CIT)
Grades 10-12
This program provides a progression in leadership for girls ready to assume more responsibility at camp. See your summer books for details starting in January. See the Senior or Ambassador Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for how to earn the CIT award if desired.

CIT Training: Take your leadership skills to the next level by reflecting on your experiences and building on them with other CITs. The council provides this training and some camps offer their own. Teens enrolled in a CIT session at resident camp do not need to attend additional training prior to camp.

Volunteer-in-Training (VIT)
Grades 10-12
This award is for girls who want to mentor Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or Cadette troop in a pathway other than camp. See the Senior or Ambassador Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for how to earn the VIT award if desired. A girls' VIT project should span a 3-6 month period, and includes the following steps:

  1. Find a mentor volunteer who is currently the adult volunteer for a group of girls at the level you'd like to work with. This volunteer will help you through the VIT process.
  2. Complete Leadership Essentials training for the level of girls you have decided to work with.
  3. Create and implement a program based on a Journey or badge.


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