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Girl Scouting encourages all girls to achieve their full potential by offering them the opportunity to grow and learn in an all-girl environment.  The Community Outreach programs are designed to involve girls in Girl Scouting who live in communities where there is little or no Girl Scout presence, or where efforts of getting and maintaining a strong volunteer support system has been unsuccessful.
The Community Outreach programs help girls to set out on a path to success they otherwise may not have been able to take or even envision.  Trained leaders deliver the Girl Scout experience to these girls. They, in turn, learn to improve their schools and neighborhoods, and to develop an understanding of their important place in a complex world. 
  • Membership in Outreach programs is open to all girls, ages 5 – 18 who accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  • Outreach groups meet a variety of community-based venues, including public and charter schools, community centers, youth residential facilities, detention facilities, and other sites.
  • Outreach programs are an opportunity for schools and community organizations to partner with Girl Scouts to provide quality and exciting on-site programming.
  • Outreach programs may be short- or long-term, and take place throughout the school year, during the summer or year-round, and are held during the school day, after school and in the evening.
  • Many girls in Community Outreach groups participate in Girl Scout product sales and other fundraisers.
  • Parental involvement and recruitment of adult volunteers is encouraged.
  • Various resources, including membership scholarships and financial assistance are available to girls in Outreach Programs.
  • Outreach Programs offer girls a memorable experience, addressing current issues, community service, personal development, and entrepreneurship.
Outreach groups are located throughout the area. For more information about Community Outreach call 800-565-4475(GIRL).