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River Voyage

We are waiting for updated waivers from the outfitter.  Check back before your session for any waivers needed.

Get Ready for the Challenge
Make sure to do some pre-trip conditioning so that you will be fit for the adventure. Be able to walk a mile, lift and carry 20-30 pounds, and have the confidence to try new things – like living without electricity and running water.

Your Guides
Our canoe guide will be a staff member through Wisconsin River Outings. Camp will provide two camp counselors who have been trained in first aid and emergency procedures.

Tentative Schedule
Day 1 – Check in and settle for your week of adventure. Prepare for your next morning’s departure.
Day 2 – Meet with your guide and review some safety procedures. Repack gear into waterproof bags.
Days 3-5 – Canoe down the Wisconsin River. The exact route will be determined closer to the session and will be based on water levels.
Day 6 – Return to Camp Alice Chester!

Extra items to Bring
  • Good Quality rain gear. Poncho and pants work best.
  • Camera, journal, and pen with you to capture all your experiences. (optional)
  • Good athletic shoes or hiking boots.
  • Warm clothes at night because it can get a little windy and cool.
  • Lightweight pants, so you can be comfortable in heat and protected from shrubs and mosquitoes.
Spending Money
You may want to bring extra money besides what you set aside for Camp Alice Chester Trading Post souvenirs. While you are away from camp you may want to purchase souvenirs, ice cream, or other snack items. This is not mandatory, only suggested by past adventure campers.

You will ride in a camp van that holds 12 passengers driven by one of our trained and qualified staff members. Remember that the van has to hold twelve people, luggage, plus some of the community belongings and food so make sure to pack light!

If you need additional information, contact the Seasonal Camp Director, Kim "Storm" Wood at kwood@gswise.org or 414-443-3997.