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Meet the Staff

We want your girl to thrive at camp so we hire staffers who can help her discover her best self. Our remarkable staff includes college students and young adults from across the United States and countries around the world. We hire women (and some men) who are compassionate, energetic, and fun. They come to us with experience, the ability to serve as role models and the genuine desire to work with children.

Our staff goes through intensive training in youth development, activity skills and safety procedures to help serve as outstanding role models for your camper. We use a selective hiring process to screen applicants, including background checks. Staffing reflects an overall adult/camper ratio of 1:6.

If you know any remarkable people who want to work at camp, send them to our summer jobs page!

Meet the Staff

Kelly “Clover” Ireland, Camp Director
This will be my third summer at Silverbrook and I am so excited to share the Silverbrook experience with your camper!  I have my Bachelors of Arts from Alma College with majors in Business and Music. I have been a camper/camp staff for 11 summers before joining the Silverbrook family. 
The Silverbrook experience is unlike any other.  From the moment the bus pulls into camp you are transported into a different world—surrounded by the beautiful property and singing staff members passing out high fives as you jump off the bus.  I love walking through camp to hear the sound of units singing as they walk around lake, girls laughing with new and old friends and counselors and girls encouraging each other as they challenge themselves to try new activities.  Few things make me happier than watching your girl come out of her shell at camp while leading a song, helping a friend solve a problem or watching PAs and CITs take on that next step in their leadership journey.  It warms my heart as the staff and I wave the bus goodbye and the girls are waving and singing out the windows.  I look forward to meeting your camper and welcoming her to Silverbrook.  If you have any questions, please contact me at kireland@gswise.org or 414-443-3975.

Camp Name: Cinnamon!
Position: Assistant Camp Director
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation: Translator
University: IUTAV

Fun fact: I have a pillow pet named Mr. Raccoon, at camp he is always on my shoulder or my backpack.
What do you love about camp?  What I love the most about camp is the fact that you can be as creative as you want.  I consider camp one of the safest places where children can make friends and express themselves freely. And of course, you have s'mores.

Camp Name: Ariel
Position: Business Manager
Hometown: West Bend, WI
Major: Arts Management/Communication
University: University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
Fun fact: I love to travel, my favority color is teal and I graduate from UWSP in May!
What I love about camp: I love being able to be outdoors, going on adventures with campers and working with such as amazing team!
Camp Name: Bubbles
Position: Counselor Director- Elementary
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major: Elementary Education and US History
University: Vanderbilt University
Fun fact: When I was younger I watched High School Musical so many times I broke the DVD.
What I love about camp: I love camp because it introduced me to my best friends that I have known for 12 years now! I also really enjoy getting to do fun activities like kayaking, archery and lots of crafts!

Camp Name: Magenta
Position: Day Camp Program Director
Hometown:Wauwatosa, WI
Major: Political Science
University: Boston University
Fun fact:  I once competed in a Masterchef competition! My dessert was orange-chocolate waffles, because breakfast is my favorite food group.
What do you love about camp? I love working outside and getting to meet so many amazing people! This is my 13th summer at camp and I love seeing campers (and staff) come back every year to make things even better.

Camp Name: Mokiki
Position: Health Supervisor
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major: Human Development and Family Studies/Pre-Nursing
University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fun fact: This year, I participated in my 5th Relay for Life!
What do you enjoy most about working with campers? What I enjoy most about working with campers is seeing things through their eyes.  Theya re always giving amazing input and working together to bring ideas they have to life.  It's amazing to see how much the girls grow in just one week at camp!!!

Camp Name: Lemons
Position: Outdoor Skills Specialist
Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Intended Major: Education or Math/Computers
University: University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Fun fact: I make a lot of bracelets!
What are you looking forward to about working with campers?  I can't wait to share my knowledge and experiences.  I just hope to make this summer a great experience for every girl.

Camp Name: Ray
Position: Troop Program Specialist
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Intended Major: Forensic Science
Fun fact: I have an obsession with fish, all kinds of them.
What do you love most about camp?  I love the impact camp has on the campers, hearing their laughter, its one of the only sounds you hear no matter where you go.  I also love watching them really enjoy themselves, know their having an amazing time, makes my day great!!

Camp Name: Tiki
Position: Arts and Crafts Specialist
Hometown: Franklin, WI
Major: Radio/TV/Film & Japanese
University: University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh
Fun fact: I worked on a radio station for 14 weeks and was on air each week.
What are you looking forward to about working with campers? Helping girls make fun crafts!

Camp Name: Alaska
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: Caledonia, Wisconsin
Major: Communication
College: Ripon College
Fun fact: I absolutely LOVE running!
What are you looking forward to most? I am looking forward to all the adventures my campers and I are going to have this summer!

Camp Name: Aphro
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: Lake Elsinore, CA
Major: Economics and Mathematics
University: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Fun fact: I performed in Las Vegas with Colorguard
Why do you enjoy working with campers? I enjoy working with campers who are excited about being at camp and doing activities like swimming and games.

Camp Name: Confetti
Position: Resident Counselor
Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI
Intended Major: Elementary Education or Clinical Social Work
University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fun fact: My favorite flower is the sunflower!
What are you looking forward to about working with campers?  I have been coming to GS camp since 3rd grade.  When I was a camper I always wanted to be a counselor and now it is finally my turn!  I love working with campers because they always teach me something new and campers always are so energetic and I love embracing that energy!

Camp Name: Firefly
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: South Milwaukee
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
University: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (Graduate)
Fun fact: This is my 5th summer at Camp Silverbrook as a staff member
What are you looking forward to about working with campers?  I look forward to watching the girls try and succeed at new activities for the first time.  There is nothing better then the look of excitement on their faces.

Camp Name: Frank
Position: Lifeguard/Boating Specialist
Hometown: West Bend, WI
Major: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
College: UW-Washington County
Fun fact: I was varsity captain on my high school swim team.
What I love about camp: I love camp because it gives girls an amazing opportunity to learn, be outside and have fun.

Camp Name: Kit Kat
Position: Resident Counselor
Hometown: Mequon, WI
Major: Criminal Justice
University: Marian University
Fun fact: I love to paint!
What are you looking forward to mosts about this summer? Spending time with new people and getting to be on the staff sid of camp.

Camp Name: Lily
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: West Allis, WI
Major: Exercise and Sport Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis
University: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Fun fact (about the picture): I took it after day camp. We painted face of girls and counselors as part of all-camp activity.  I don't know if I've ever been happier than I was last summer at camp.  Camp has changed me so much...it reminded me of who I am, how to be a kid again and how to be truly happy.
What are you looking forward to most about this summer? I can't wait to give back to the girls again. I love working at camp because I am able to aid in giving girls something that will positively change their lives and something they will remember for years to come.

Camp Name: Marmalade
Position: Resident Counselor
Hometown: Carallave, Venezuela
Major: French/ Education
University: Universidad Pedagogica de Caracas
Fun fact: I'm a professional dancer of folk music of my country.  Dance, makes me really happy.
What do you love about camp?  I love the opportunity to learn new things and have fun at the same time.

Camp Name: Music Ninja
Position: Resident Counselor
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major: Education
College: Milwaukee Area Technical College
Fun fact: I'm a mac and cheese purist.  Only cheese and nothing else!
What do you love about camp?  What I love about camp most is the amazing environment for kids to enjoy themselves.  Campfires, singing camp songs and hanging out with kind people is so much fun!

Camp Name: Periwinkle
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major: Business Administration and Occupational Safety Management
University: University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Fun fact: I have been to 48 states and over 10 countries!

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?  I am most looking forward to being back at Silverbrook as a counselor instead of a camper!  I want to give back the awesome experiences I had to the girls now.

Camp Name: Ro Ro
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI 
Major: Biology
University: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Fun fact: I have to dogs and I have been going to various camps from the age of 8 until 14 so I love camp.
What are you looking forward to most about working with campers? I am looking forward to being a role model for the girls and helping them with any challenges they encounter while at camp.  Ultimately just having fun and watching them conquer new obstacles in a new environment outside their norms.

Camp Name: Sunflower
Position: Bus Monitor/Counselor
Hometown: West Allis, WI
Major: Nursing
College: Alverno College
Fun fact: I've lived in the same house my whole life!
What do you love about camp? I jus plain and simple love camp! It's a great learning environment and there are no better people in the world to spend a summer with than those at camp!

Camp Name: Tink (Tinker Bell)
Position: Resident Counselor
Hometown: Cudahy, WI
Major: Psychology
University: University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh
Fun fact: I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and have danced at Young Dance Academy, the Pom Team at Pius XI and I am now on the UWO Hip Hop Dance Team!
What are you looking forward to about working with campers?  I am really looking forward to spending the day outside with the campers,  whether that is hiking, singing or doing arts and crafts.  My goal is that every camper will have a fun and memorable experience this summer.