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Service Projects and Service Days at Camp

Girls and volunteers are always needed to help with long and short-term projects to help maintain and develop our camps. There are several ways you can help at our properties.
  • Annual service events at camp: These are annual events lasting one day to an entire weekend with a specific goal of preparing the camp for upcoming activities. Some events provide free camping to participants. Click here for upcoming service events at camp.
  • Weekend projects while troop camping: These are self-led projects at camp that can last for a few hours during your stay at camp. The site manager will provide guidance and supplies for your project. These projects vary from indoor projects such as taking inventory of a troop house kitchen to outdoor projects like cleaning out fire circles or clearing trails. Contact the site manager at camp to find out what type of service projects are needed at camp,
  • Volunteer property opportunities: We welcome community groups and organizations to help with the maintenance and development of our camps. We have a variety of projects that are perfect for adult volunteers to help with over the course of a day or several days. Projects such as putting up/taking down tents, tree planting, painting, or controlling invasive species are always available for the right volunteer group.