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For Troop Leaders

What is the Troop Leader's role in getting girls to camp?
  • Encourage your girls and their families to go to day camp.
  • Let them know about all of the benefits of camp for both girls and adults.
  • Recruit a volunteer from the troop to be the Camp Captain, or take on the role yourself.
What does the Camp Captain do?
  • In winter, tell your troop's families:
    • When day camp is for next summer
    • To expect camp books mailed to their homes in January
    • To register girls early for a discounted price
    • Encourage adults to register for one to five days of volunteering as a camp chaperone
  • In spring, double check with your troop's families to determine:
    • Who is registered
    • What days volunteers will be at camp
    • That your troop has enough volunteers to meet safety ratios:
      • One adult to every five Daisies, six Brownies, eight Juniors, 10 Cadettes, Seniors and/or Ambassadors.
      •  A minimum of 2 adults per day.
    • Connect with your camp director if you have any questions or concerns
  • In summer: Have fun at camp!

What if I have a hard time recruiting volunteers but all the girls want to go?

Remind families that volunteers can be a parent/guardian, aunt, uncle, grandparent, adult cousin, neighbor, etc. Remind them of all the great reasons to be a volunteer: namely, enjoying the great outdoors with their favorite Girl Scout! Give families specific days that the girls need extra support. Use the Day Camp Troop Summary form to help track campers and volunteers. Your day camp directors are volunteers, too, and they’re ready to help you.