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Be A Champion of Girl Scouts!

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We need your help as a champion of Girl Scouts! We know that Boy Scouts is aggressively recruiting girls and women in southeastern Wisconsin.  They are trying to cause confusion around our brand and the continued need for Girl Scouts, now that they are recruiting girls. We will not stand by and tolerate misinformation or other efforts that threaten our ability to deliver our mission. I’m writing today to ask for your active support as a member and ambassador for Girl Scouts. 

Specifically, we have heard BSA is positioning themselves as serving ‘Girl and Boy Scouts’ through their new “Scouts BSA” program with all-girl dens and troops, denigrating the need for our Girl Scouts’ program.  In light of this, we want to reiterate that we proudly own the “Girl” in Girl Scouts. As you know, for more than 106 years, Girl Scouts has delivered what girls need – a proven, research-based leadership program in an all-girl, girl-led environment, where girls can feel safe to take risks and challenge themselves to reach their full potential.  Our focus has always been and always will be girls.


More than half of non-scouting families believe that the two organizations are the same, which means that schools and families could be easily confused to think that “co-ed scouting” is the same experience for girls as Girl Scouts.


  • Scouts BSA is using their same programs to serve both boys and girls, programs built for boys.
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are – and always have been – two separate organizations.
  • Girl Scouts will not merge with Boy Scouts.
  • At Girl Scouts, girls are never an add-on or an inconvenience. Girls deserve the best possible opportunities, and only Girl Scouts provides that leadership experience.
  • There is no substitute for Girl Scouts.


I hope you will join me in taking action as a Girl Scout Champion so that more girls have the opportunity to experience the world’s best leadership development program for girls.

Thank you for being a part of the Girl Scout movement and for helping girls build their courage, confidence, and character, and making the world a better place.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Christy L. Brown, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast