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Gluten-Free Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Replacement is Now Available!

toffee tastic

The new gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie (CCC) was more popular this year than expected, resulting in our cookie provider, ABC Bakers, being completely sold out.

However, we are able to offer the gluten-free cookie made by the other licensed baker that makes Girl Scout Cookies (Little Brownie Baker), Toffee-tastic. There is NO LIMIT on these cookies so troops can order extras for cookie booths or for customers that had their gluten-free CCC order reduced.


  • Toffee-tastic packages are $5 and will count toward girl recognitions and troop proceeds.
  • All troops are welcome to order the Toffee-tastic cookie with no limit.
  • This will not impact your CCC cookies. If you ordered more than 2 cases and were asked to reduce your order, it will still need to be reduced. If you ordered fewer than 2 cases, your order will remain the same.
  • Toffee-tastic cookies must be ordered using this online order form.

Please contact with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.