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Gold Award Girl Scout Michela Receives GSUSA Scholarship

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Congratulations to Michela for being a GSUSA Gold Award Scholarship Recipient!

Michela recognized the importance for high school students to manage their mental health - particularly addressing the increased levels of isolation and anxiety resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic. For her Gold Award, Michela created and shared resources with her high school’s staff and student body to encourage self-reflection and provide opportunities to connect with peers. Michela organized a week-long virtual mental health campaign emphasizing various scientific-based coping strategies which were shared by email, social media, and school announcements. Michela teamed with the Psychology Club to hold meetings, post positive messages on social media, and highlighted research, mediations, and mental health activities. Michela also worked with the school’s administrative team, Student Services, Yoga Club, and Student Council to expand the impact of her goals and ensure the project’s sustainability. The Psychology Club is now creating a resource/support section on the school’s learning management system which will provide students access to the resources Michela shared through the project at any time. Way to go for Gold, Michela!