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Being a PAIT is The Best!

Camp. One word can mean so much to a girl like me. With camp, come memories, opportunities, and the realization that you can have an impact of a younger girl’s life.

My camp is Camp Potawatomie Hills. I have gone there since I was a PeeWee (one and a half years old). To me, camp means lacing, shooting bull’s-eyes in archery, singing songs so loud that I lose my voice, canoeing and making friends with girls of all ages. 

Tato, right, with a sister PAIT

This year at camp, I was a Program Assistant in Training (PAIT). I was thrilled. I was so excited to learn the skills I will need to become a Program Assistant (PA) next year.  PAITs visit the younger units, have a sleep over with 16 friends, and have a ‘floating supper’…OH MY!! I was in over my head!

We had a two night sleepover. On the second night, we had the ‘floating’ supper. We took bag dinners out in canoes, tied them together in a big raft and ate in the middle of the lake. I was in a canoe with one of my best friends. We ate, talked, splashed and just plain hung out. It was hilarious when my other friends got stuck in the middle of the lake because they were laughing to hard to paddle straight!

Later in the week, we had PAIT visits. I was super nervous. Our first visit was to the PeeWees.  Luckily, they listened really well. We did crafts, played games and had fun!  When we left, they gave us hugs and begged us to stay. On one of my other visits, a third grader asked me to be their PA next year. I told her, “I’ll do my best.” That group was so awesome; we even asked them for a group hug. I even visited them before the closing flag ceremony that day.

Archery is the one thing at camp that really lets me take a deep breath and think. It is one of my escapes. This year, I shot nine bull’s-eyes. “Feather” (camp name of the adult in charge of archery) commented about my skill with a re-curve bow and the PAs told me I was a true re-curve girl. I might even get my own bow! YAY!!

If you were a PAIT, PA, or CIT, what were some of your favorite camp memories? Or share a memory about your favorite camp counselor in the comments below!

~Tato  (aka Kate)

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