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Girls: Don't be scared for your first time at Girl Scout camp!

Girl Scout camp can seem really intimidating. You go there not knowing what to expect. You may worry you won’t make friends or will be the outcast of the camp; I know I did. Let me reassure you that Girl Scout camp is nothing to be afraid of.
I remember being so scared my first time at camp. All the campers sat at a table making nametags with camp names like Peanut or Starburst and I felt a little overwhelmed and shy. Everything was so new. One of the counselors invited me to sit next to her and asked me and a few other girls what ideas we had for camp names. The conversation just flowed from there and I was introduced to three new Girl Scouts just like that. I was really happy the counselor started the conversation and helped me make friends and feel more comfortable at camp. It takes away some of the scariness of being away from home knowing that everyone is so friendly. You never feel left out. I’ve been going to Girl Scout camp since I was eight years old and have never had a bad experience. It’s full of fun activities that will keep you coming back again and again.
Transitioning from a camper to a PA (Program Aide) was really exciting for me. I remember when I was younger I used to look up to the PAs at camp, and now I had younger girls looking up to me for a change. It’s exciting to pass down the camp songs and games I learned as a camper to the next generation of Girl Scouts. Getting the girls dancing and singing along to camp songs is my favorite part of camp. The smiles and laughter of the girls as they beg me to teach them a new song is the most amazing feeling.
Knowing that I can help girls have as much fun as I did as a camper is the reason I volunteer as PA. So don’t be afraid of going to Girl Scout camp. It never fails to be a great and rewarding experience. 

What about camp gives you an amazing feeling? If you are a parent of a Girl Scout, what does your daughter love about camp?


 — Larissa H., 15 years old
PA at Kenosha Day Camp (2013)
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