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Volunteer Opportunities

Check out the list of Direct and Indirect Service opportunities below. The list is updated frequently, so check back often to see what has been added.

Direct Service Indirect Service Not sure exactly how you would like to volunteer? Complete the Volunteer Application and we'll be in touch to talk about the best fit for your time and interests.

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Direct Service:

You can enrich girls' experience in Girl Scouting by facilitating the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Camp Unit Volunteer
Spend Monday–Friday (or a portion of the week) at Girl Scout Day camp helping supervise a group of 10-15 girls ages 6-12 (your preference).  No experience necessary, just a love of the out-of-doors and willingness to be a role model for girls. We offer training. There are additional trained adults in the unit and teen assistants. 
Get more day camp information here.
Andrea Yanacheck, Senior Pathway Manager at 414-443-3916 or ayanacheck@gswise.org
Camp Volunteer
Spend Monday–Friday (or portion of the week) helping in one of the many activity areas of camp. Choose your favorite or try something new-arts and crafts, nature, songs, games, kitchen/food prep, outdoor cooking, woodworking and more. Additional adults as well as teen assistants will work with you.
Get more day camp information here.
Andrea Yanacheck, Senior Pathway Manager at 414-443-3916 or ayanacheck@gswise.org

Event Volunteer
Share your passion, have fun and be a positive impact on girls' lives by giving your time to lead or assist with activities at events. Activities are already created and materials provided. Some events may require a specific skill like outdoor cooking or interior design, but most require no prior knowledge. 

Events are held year-round and volunteering is very flexible. During the school year, events are held Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and afternoons, and some weeknights. Summer events are held weekdays and some Saturday mornings and afternoons. You can pick what interests you, the dates you volunteer, and determine how frequently you want to volunteer.

At many events, girls rotate through various stations; each station focusing on a specific project or skill that may fulfill a requirement for the recognition they are working towards. Event topics include environmental awareness, outdoor skills, the arts, health and wellness, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), business literacy, and more! 

Check out our Event-Volunteer-Opportunities-Seasonal Flyer

Contact eventvolunteers@gswise.org or 1-800-565-GIRL(4475).

School/Site Organizer
Recruit girls and adults through School Open Houses and/or Girl Scout Registration nights. In addition you will provide direct support to troop leaders.

This is an opportunity to combine your organizational and leadership skills with your support of the Girl Scout organization.

Time commitment is during the school year. Schedule may include some weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Postion Description

Contact persons: Rosanne McGuire, Director of Membership Central Region 414/443-3968 or rmcguire@gswise.org or Leslie Gonzales, Director of Membership Northern & Southern Regions 262/598-2234 or lgonzales@gswise.org.


Troop Cookie Captain
All troops are required to have a registered adult to manage their cookie program activity.
This adult is responsible for:
  • attending a training in December held in their service area at which all selling materials are distributed
  • working with the troop leader to hold a parent meeting to educate all parents on importance of the cookie program, all necessary dates
  • having a goal setting cookie meeting with the girls in the troop.
  • collecting the girl's cookie orders and entering them into the online ordering system in early February
  • picking up the cookies the last week of February and distributing orders to each of the troop families. 
Time commitment: December - March

Contact person: Troop Leader or Wendy Dahl, Product Sales Manager 414/443-3950 or wdahl@gswise.org
Troop Leader/Co-Leader
Be a mentor and model.  As a leader/co-leader, you will develop girl/adult partnerships by planning and implementing the Girl Scout Leadership Development Model in a troop/group setting. 
  • Training is required.
  • Troop meetings can be after school, evenings or weekends and is set by troop leader and parents.
  • Time commitment is 3 to 6 hours per month.
Click here for position description.
Contact person: Sherry Williams, Director of Volunteer Development 414/443-3935 or swilliams@gswise.org 
Troop Nut Sale Manager
All troop troops participating in the Fall Nut Sale must have a registered adult to manage their troop's nut sale. This position is responsible for:
  • Completing an online training before the start of the sale in mid October.  
  • Distribution of selling materials to families.
  • Entering girl's nut orders into the online ordering system (early November).
  • Pick up of nut orders and distributing to Girl Scout families (mid November).
  • Bank Deposit
  • Pick up of girls' earned recognitions (December 1st).
Contact person: Troop Leader or Wendy Dahl, Product Sales Manager 414/443-3950 or wdahl@gswise.org

Adult Learning Facilitator

Help Girl Scout leaders be the best they can be! Instruct adult volunteers in the leadership program for different grade levels. Or present enrichment and instruction on various topics. Those interested in camping can train on the outdoor skills team.  Classes are year round and are on average 2-1/2 to 3 hours in length. 
Hours vary; weekdays, evenings or weekends.

Position Description

Michelle Villanueva, Volunteer Development Manager 414-443-3971 or mvillanueva@gswise.org
Leann Meiners, Volunteer Development Manager 414-443-3987 or lmeiners@gswise.org
Cookie Program Activity Support Team Member
Position Summary: Become a part of the largest Girl-led business! Join the Cookie Support Team and assist girls and volunteers in reaching their entrepreneurial skills. Become a cookie expert, manage a cookie cupboard, assist at a service center, deliver cookies or distribute recognitions!

Term of Appointment: Cookie Support team members are appointed for a one year term with flexible hours per week after successful completion of two hour cookie training, and the completion of an application and background check process. Internet access is required for all positions. The term is renewable upon completion of evaluation process.

A wide range of opportunities are available. Review the complete description.

Contact person: Wendy Dahl, Product Sales Manager 414/443-3950 or wdahl@gswise.org
Regional Nut Manager
This position is responsible for managing the nut delivery for a specific geographical region.  Responsibilities include:
  • Securing a nut delivery location.
  • Managing the distribution process for troops (mid November)
  • Managing the packaging of recognitions earned by troops
Contact person: Wendy Dahl, Product Sales Manager 414/443-3950 or wdahl@gswise.org