Canoe Instructor Certification

American Red Cross Small Craft Safety-Canoe Certification
To register for a session, go to ebiz and search "canoe" plus check the "Learning and Training" box on the left.
Saturday, June 4, 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Silverbrook, West Bend
Sunday, June 5, 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Alice Chester, East Troy

Canoe certification by at least one adult is required to take girls canoeing.

Canoe Skills:   Participants are expected to be experienced paddlers and will be tested on paddling strokes to navigate your canoe in a straight line, make turns, paddle backwards and stop.
Canoe Safety:  Participants will learn what to do when an emergency occurs on the water including self-rescue as well as rescuing others from falls overboard and capsized canoes.  Participants must demonstrate these skills in the water.  Participants will learn how to plan and prepare for canoe trips.
Once certified, you may rent the council canoes to use at our properties with water.

Who should attend:
At least one adult from each troop wanting to canoe. Course requires swimming with a PFD on, kneeling in a canoe, re-entering a canoe from deep water (upper arm/body strength), moderately heavy lifting.  
This course is designed for adults who will be responsible for the safety of others while canoeing. Girls with good paddling skills age 16 and older are welcome to participate but they will not be considered the trained person for a troop wishing to go canoeing.
Swimsuit, towel, watershoes recommended (no flip-flops), sunscreen, etc. and clothes for both in the water and out (jacket or sweatshirt encouraged); pen, paper and snacks/beverage (we will not break for lunch but snacks can be eaten during the classroom portion of the training or after the water portion). Because we will be kneeling in the bottom of the canoe which is often gritty, it is recommended to wear knee pads, lightweight pants that cover the knees, or bring an extra towel/pad to kneel on.
$25 per person, includes materials, certification and a We Paddle Southern Wisconsin booklet. Register by clicking on a link below.
Contact Andrea Yanacheck for future class dates and locations