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Troop Organization

You've taken the first step to making a difference in the lives of girls in your community! Show them how effective women can lead with these troop organization guidelines:
  • Each troop needs at least two registered leaders. Most troops operate with two or three co-leaders.

  • Troop leaders decide among themselves which duties and responsibilities they are assuming in the management of the troop.

  • Troop leaders who have successfully completed the application and background check process may register with either an 01 or 02 position code.

  • Volunteers with the 01 position are able to access the Online Troop Management tool in Personify eBiz. 

  • More than one volunteer can register with the 01 position code.

  • Family members act as a troop committee and may register with the troop providing transportation, assistance with projects, meetings, or childcare.

  • Volunteers managing the Fall Nut Sale or the Girl Scout Cookie Program activities should also complete an application, background check and register with the troop.


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