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Financial Assistance

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast is committed to making sure Girl Scouting is open to all girls in our jurisdiction. No girl or qualified adult will be denied membership in the organization because of economic status. Troop Leaders are expected to plan with their girls and fund the majority of troop expenses through their troop treasury. The annual fall product sale and cookie program activity, along with troop dues, should cover the cost of troop activities.

Girls and adults may receive financial assistance for the national membership registration fee. Simply indicate that on the top of the membership registration form and on the Membership Summary form. Troop Leaders may also fill out a Financial Assistance Form for girls needing sashes, tunics, uniform insignia and Journey books.

Submit the completed form to your local Service Center. Uniform vouchers will be mailed to the Troop Leader. Vouchers may be filled at any Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast Resource Center.

The amount of financial assistance is based on the availability of funds and the total number of requests.

New troops may also  apply for a start-up loan, based on need and the number of girls in the troop. This loan will help troop's fund troop expenses and activities until the Fall Nut Sale and the Cookie Program Activity Sale. The loan will be re-paid after the Cookie Program Activity Sale, through an ACH debit.

Financial Assistance is also available for events and summer camp. Summer camp forms will be posted in March.