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Appropriate Money Earning Activities

Girl Scout Daisy
Girl Scout Brownie
  • Handmade items for sale at craft fair or bake sale

  • Recycling for cash

Girl Scout Junior
  • Assistance with a community event sponsored by a group in which there is payment or donation made for services given (i.e., clean up at club benefit dinner).

  • Holiday gift wrapping

  • Photo booth at service unit event

  • Car wash

  • Pet walk

  • Hosting event for younger girls with profit from admission

  • Sale of retail community day coupons*

  • Structured money-earning program*

Money-earning activities not listed above will be evaluated on an individual basis.
*Considerations for approval:
  • How frequently this activity is done by other groups

  • Existence of a mid-level representative or consultant involved who could profit from involvement

  • Public health and safety

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast will honor the United Way blackout period each fall, and prohibit money-earning activities during that time. Contact a Director of Membership with specific troop money-earning questions:

Rosanne McGuire - rmcguire@gswise.org

Leslie Gonzalez - lgonzalez@gswise.org