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Service Team Support

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast is divided into 42 geographic Service Areas. A membership manager is assigned to each area to help recruit and support volunteers. Experienced, trained volunteers are also available to help support troop leaders. Service area coordinators assume the administrative tasks and help recruit and oversee school or site organizers. School/Site organizers work directly with parents and girls, recruiting members and organizing troops.

Recruitment events may be held to attract girls and adults. Volunteers and girls can use the following templates for effective, one-hour recruitment events:

Recruitment Resources Booklet
Daisy Garden Invite - blank template | Daisy Garden - with invite
Princess Party Invite - blank template | Princess Party Invite - with invite 
Shooting Star Family Invite - blank template
Superhero-recruitment-invite  blank template

If you have received pre-printed recruitment flyers from your membership manager, use the templates below to customize your message. The top of these templates appear to be a blank page. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will see two shaded boxes - these are writeable fields for your heading and body text. (If you don't see the boxes, click on "Highlight Existing Fields" in the upper right corner.) Type in the information about your school's recruitment event. Recruitment flyers are distributed through school or community center mail. If you are not using the pre-printed recruitment flyers, would like to print  the full flyer and customize your message, use the files below. Once you have typed in your information, please make sure to double check it against the style guidelines and check your spelling on your work as well. Helpful hint: have someone else take a look at your document as well.  They may catch something you didn't even see or think of. 

Service Team Resources