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What Girls Do

At Girl Scouts, the experience can be as individual as every girl.

Girl Scouts provides new experiences that give girls that super-excited, jumping, giggling, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. Experiences that inspire them to look forward to what they’re going to do today, tomorrow, and even ten years from now, by helping them realize that they can be anything they want to be.

Whether she is 5 or 17, participating in Girl Scout activities will help her to:

  • become self-confident, strong, and compassionate

  • respect herself and others, make good decisions, be open to new challenges, and use her skills and talents to make her world a better place

  • build strong friendships, be a leader, and put her values into practice in her everyday life

Her time with us will be filled with new friends, tons of fun, and more “wow” moments than she’s ever imagined.

Leadership Journeys

Journeys help Girl Scouts learn and practice leadership, aid their communities, and earn awards. There are three series of Leadership Journeys, each about a different theme:

  • It's Your World—Change It!
  • It's Your Planet—Love It!
  • It's Your Story—Tell It!