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Recognitions and PAC

Update: Recognition earning period extended

We have heard from many, many volunteers and families that this intense cold hindered their girls’ selling efforts. To help every girl reach her goal, the date for which girls will earn recognitions for selling cookies has been extended from February 27 to March 15. Just a reminder, although recognitions are based on sales through March 15, the GSWISE Cookie Sale goes through March 31. Please direct any questions to cookies@gswise.org

Girls earn recognition items in addition to Program Activity Credits (PACs) based on the number of items they sell. Recognitions are cumulative which means girls earn each recognition item up to the total number of items she has sold. 

Program Activity Credit (PAC)
Program Activity Credits are credits that girls earn in addition to other recognition items in both the Fall Nut Sale and the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity. PACs are issued in $10 increments and are valid from January 1 - December 15, 2014.

PACs can be used toward:
Day Camp
Resident Camp
Merchandise in the Resource Center